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Secure DevOps | August 21, 2020
Your item tracking tools aren’t enough. Here’s why.
Still having status update meetings? Then your item tracking tools aren't working. Find out how HCL Accelerate can make them better.
Secure DevOps | August 20, 2020
HCL Accelerate VSM with GitHub and Jira
This tutorial shows how to create a GitHub integration in HCL Accelerate. It is the second tutorial in a series on configuring the HCL Accelerate value stream with Jira, GitHub, and Jenkins.
HCL Accelerate Jira
Secure DevOps | July 28, 2020
HCL Accelerate value stream management with Jira
This tutorial shows how to create a Jira integration and move a unit of work within the Value Stream view in HCL Accelerate.
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