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Automation | January 19, 2022
BigFix extends Inventory Capability to Discover Software in Containers
Container Software Discovery is a new feature of BigFix Inventory that helps organizations report on all software deployed in an environment including the software running in containers.
Automation | November 30, 2021
Patch Posture Reporting Significantly Improves Security
Patch posture reporting enables IT Operations and Security teams to much more effectively identify and mitigate security risks, reduce operational costs and demonstrate policy/regulation compliance. 
Automation | November 9, 2021
Why upgrade from ILMT to BigFix Inventory?
Upgrade from ILMT to BigFix Inventory to extend the financial savings of knowing all the software installed in your environment, not just IBM software.
Automation | October 6, 2020
BigFix Inventory V10 is validated by IBM
With HCL BigFix Inventory, your organization can maintain an up-to-date inventory of software assets that are installed in your infrastructure, gather information about your hardware, and ensure license compliance of your enterprise. With BigFix Inventory, you always know what software you have, where it is deployed, and how it is used.
Automation | October 2, 2019
HCL BigFix Inventory 9.2.16 Validated Equivalence to IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)
BigFix Inventory V9.2.16 is now available, delivering increased value and demonstrating HCL’s commitment to both HCL and IBM customers.
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