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Digital Solutions | November 16, 2020
Updates Regarding HCL Notes v11 on Apple Big Sur
Apple officially released macOS Big Sur, its latest operating system, on Nov 12. We are aware that customers were unable to run the HCL Notes v11/11.0.1 client on a Mac after upgrading. Various fixes have been applied to allow HCL Notes to run on Big Sur. You can read our tech note here. This has all been resolved. The fix pack is available on Flexnet.
Digital Solutions | October 8, 2020
HCL Domino Notes Client 11 New Feature
Last January 2020, we launched a new version of Domino Notes Client (V11) which contains cleaner and modernized UI, minimalist menus, simplified forms and user experience improvements for Mail.   Under Modernized UI Notes Client V11 appearance has changed the new color scheme and design. Notes Client UI focused on Simplicity so that it will be more user friendly.  Also, for user experience Improvements, we focused on Progressive disclosure to show the advanced features and actions as the user needs them.  Finally, we focused on Notes Client performance to be faster and more stable to increase effectiveness of the user.  In addition to the aforementioned enhancements, new features are also made available in response to the feedbacks and requests from our customers.  What’s New in Notes v 11  Export to PDF - You can now export emails and documents to PDF from the HCL Notes Client. 24+ hour meeting support - Meetings that are longer than 24 hours are now supported by the HCL Notes® Calendar. Three Click Support - Three click support adds a level of security when a user opens an attachment within an email. Network resiliency improvements - When there is no network connection (when the cable is unplugged or the wireless is unavailable), the Notes client responds with an error message. Previously, the client would freeze before timing out - now, the error message appears right away. Synched release schedule - Starting with this release, Sametime and Notes follow the same release schedule. TLS 1.2 support for SAML - Notes and Embedded Sametime now support TLS 1.2 with Notes Federated login (SAML). This enhancement is a result of upgrading the XULRunner browser within Notes to the latest version (which supports TLS 1.2). MAC 64-bit uninstaller - The uninstaller provided for Notes 11 on Mac is now 64-bit. This change is made because Apple will no longer support a...
Digital Solutions | August 19, 2020
Domino Document Deletion Logging: How to Solve for Missing Documents
As a Domino Administrator you might have been asked by your users, “Where is this specific email!?” It has been a long-standing issue with older versions of Domino when an important document goes missing in an application used by multiple users, with no way to identify who/what/when/how a certain document was deleted. Fear no more! Domino document deletion logging is now a feature that was made available starting from Domino v10. You now have the ability to explain what might happen to the document they are looking for.  So, how can you implement it? It’s as simple as running compact task on a database, literally! A new compact task option is available to enable logging of data about deleted documents in databases that you specify. Here are the key requirements for such feature.  Use Domino v10 and above. Have transaction logging enabled. Run compact task against the database that you want to monitor:   load compact <database path> -dl on "<comma separated list of items>"  where <database path> is a specific database or a directory of databases, relative to the data directory, for example, mail or discussion.nsf.   <comma separated list of items> is a list of fields to show in the logs to help you identify deleted documents. The fields must be one of these types: Text, Text_List, RFC822_Text, or Time. Suggested fields for mail documents are Subject, SendTo, From, and DeliveredDate. If you have custom fields on a document, you can use them as well.  The data is logged to a deletion log file called delete.log, which is located under the server Data directory, IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT folder. When documents are deleted from a database, entries are added to that file.  When the server is restarted, a new deletion log file is created. Old deletion log files are renamed to delete_<servername>_yyyy_mm_dd@hh_mm_ss.log; for example: delete_Server1\Renovations_2020_01_10@06_28_45.log  Deleting a document from a database adds an entry to the current deletion log file with the following data. This data is provided in a CSV-compatible format.  Data in deletion log entry ...
Digital Solutions | September 6, 2019
Domino v11: Your Questions Answered
During the August 7, 2019, Domino V11 “Let’s Get Real about Domino” webcast, we covered a lot of ground. Andrew Manby, HCL Software’s AVP of Product Management, presented our up-to-date roadmap for our #dominoforever journey and what it means for developers, administrators, and business users. You had a lot of questions! And we answer them here. To be informed of future updates, please subscribe to our newsletter. Apps Q: Will WA (Web Assembly) include offline support for applications? A: Yes, the ability to run Domino applications on a browser will support online and offline modes, with the support of the NotesID and replication. Q: What are the plans for Domino Designer? Will it stay as-is for V11? A: Yes, we are focused on fixes and enhancements, for example, for working with apps deployed on HCL Nomad. Longer-term, we are evolving the tooling for mid-code to pro-code too. Q: Can you share for everyone where leap is in a sandbox on HCL? A: You can log in from here. Q: What's the future for the ICAA client? A:  ICAA will continue to be maintained/enhanced, however, the intention is for applications to run natively in the browser using Web Assembly. Beta Q: What's the link to the V11 beta program for Notes, Domino and Sametime? A: The beta program is now open for registrations. Cloud Q: The coming HCL cloud will be apps-only, no mail, right? A: Please refer to the recent announcement blog by Richard Jefts and bookmark the HCL blog for future updates on our HCL Cloud strategy and plans to help clients on IBM Connections Cloud with their migration path. If you have immediate questions, please speak with your HCL sales representative. Community Q: Can we please get a real-time discussion platform to talk to each other? A: Stay tuned,...
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