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Digital Solutions | June 24, 2022
Business Users Can Supercharge Their Application Development with the Newest Version of HCL Leap
Our latest HCL Leap v9.3 delivers major improvements to help you automate processes faster than ever and unleash innovation with your business users and citizen developers. This release includes new features and tools enabling continuous process improvements in a secure and sustainable way.
Digital Solutions | November 8, 2019
Meet the HCL Domino, Leap, and Sametime Team
I’m thrilled to share with you the people behind the Domino, Leap, and Sametime product management team, some of which you know already, and some who are probably new to you. These are the people that work closely with HCL development, sales, support and marketing, our HCL Masters, and Business Partners to get the Domino and Sametime portfolio to market. We have a “two in the box” approach to ensure we are covering everything from covering: market, product and technology, for example, from grooming the backlog to competitive analysis, to product strategy and go-to-market. Product Managers Contact Information Thomas Hampel Application development products: Domino, Nomad, AppDev Pack, Enterprise Integrator thomas.hampel@pnp-hcl.com @ThomasHampel Agnes Ng Mail products: Notes, Verse On-Premises, Verse Mobile, HMSMO choyanN@hcl.com Ginni Saini Chat and meetings product: Sametime (lead) gaganpreet.saini@pnp-hcl.com @Ginni5 Ketan Godhaniya Product: SafeLinx and Sametime KetanKumarG@hcl.com Martin Lechleider Low-code application development product: LEAP, Domino Volt martin.lechleider@hcl.com   Business Product Managers “Go to market” planning Contact Information Kathryn Corey Business planning, life-cycle management, pricing and packaging kathryn.corey@hcl.com Joe Stoisits Business planning, SaaS/Cloud joseph.stoisits@hcl.com Jarrett Regier Market analysis, low-code app dev: Domino AppDev Pack and Nomad jarrett.regier@hcl.com Frank Fuchs Product management process, royalty reporting and ISV partnerships francis.fuchs@hcl.com We are all looking forward to the launch of V11 in Q4 2019, seeing you are one of the upcoming events, and working with you in our new format V12 workshops beginning in January 2020.    Thank you.
Digital Solutions | September 23, 2019
Domino App Dev: The Low-Code and Pro-Code Future
We recently hosted a lively and informative webcast that covered the new updates coming later this year for Domino application development. Andrew Manby and Marty Lechleider took attendees through the specifics of the upcoming App Dev Pack release, and a preview of what’s coming in future versions. On the low-code front, Marty gave an update on plans for bringing HCL LEAP into Domino (Project Sandstone) and how it will enable IT and business users to build new apps easily. You can watch the replay here. There were a lot of great questions asked, and we provide those, and the answers, here.   AppDev Pack   Q: The AppDev pack v1.0.2 contains a feature in “preview” mode. What does “preview” mean? A: It means that the feature will work but should not be used in production. The feature might change slightly before being defined as production-ready.   LEAP on Domino Service Integration   Q: Is it possible to integrate LEAP with external services?  Including lookups for names on a database other than the Domino directory? A:  Yes, LEAP has a generalized way to connect to any REST service to do lookups. However, please note that full support may not be in the initial LEAP on Domino (Project Sandstone) release but will follow shortly in a subsequent release.   Q: Are LEAP apps exposed as services to other non-LEAP applications? A: Yes, this is the way LEAP works today.  A developer can access LEAP applications data via this API.  The API will honor any access rights you have set on the data:  However, please note, that full support may not be in the initial Project Sandstone release but will follow shortly in a subsequent release.   Q: It would be cool if we could use Domino data “as a service” like Marty...
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