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Digital Solutions | June 17, 2020
COVID-19 Success Story: HCL Domino to the Rosie’s Restaurant Rescue
Nestled in the picturesque American town of Tamworth, New Hampshire, you’ll find the popular and award-winning Rosie’s Restaurant.  This restaurant is one of those places where you go in, take a seat, and everyone including the staff treat you like family — a business doesn’t get a 4.9 (out of 5) star rating by providing bad service.   Like many businesses, Rosie’s has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and was forced to close its doors due to restrictions imposed on restaurants in the state. They were waiting for news on when and how they could reopen.  In early May the news came that restaurants could serve people outdoors as long as they were seated at least 6 feet.  Rose Scolaro, owner of Rosie’s restaurant said, “We didn’t have much time, we really had to kick into high gear to prepare ourselves for the return of customers. We built numerous picnic tables and installed a large canopy to protect patrons from any inclement weather.  We still had a tricky issue, though. With picnic tables spread out across quite a large area, we needed an easy way to inform customers that their order was ready.” Rose contacted Epilio, an HCL Business Partner, to see if they could help.  Carl Tyler, CEO of Epilio tell us, “Rose came to us, and explained their situation, and knowing the pain businesses are feeling, we wanted to help, and we knew Rosie needed a solution — and fast. A few years ago, we’d developed an airplane reservation system using Domino and Twilio, so that users could be informed of booking changes via SMS text notifications.  I explained to Rose that we could very quickly implement a system that could send a text message to her customers informing them when their order is ready.  Using the fast development capabilities of HCL Domino, two days later we presented a solution to Rosie and her staff.”  “It was great!” explained Rose. “Carl loaded up a web page on an iPad, and explained...
Digital Solutions | June 3, 2020
HCL Digital Solutions Academy
We are thrilled to announce an ambitious new program called the HCL Digital Solutions Academy that seeks to empower our community of partners, developers, admins, customers and other key stakeholders to learn and understand everything our products are capable of. How to stay current about each new release, make the most of new capabilities, learn best practices, understand how they can power new opportunities and solve challenges, and, ultimately, transform business. We will be creating and sharing content in a regular cadence — through webinars, demos, articles, social media, events, and email — under the umbrella of the HCL Digital Solutions Academy. Our software helps people get real work done. We help people solve challenges, fix disparate systems, automate the everyday, and realize the “power of the possible.” At HCL we truly extend our relationship beyond the contract, and help people achieve the business outcomes they are looking to us to help them do.   We are building out a rich roster of content created and delivered by multiple teams within HCL — development, support, product management, technical advisors, etc. — but we don’t want to stop there. We want to invite you, HCL Masters, Business Partners, and customers to help us develop this program and grow our content catalog. Please send us a note with feedback or ideas for content you would like to see or help deliver as part of the HCL Digital Solutions Academy. The content we will be sharing with you includes webinars, workshops (hands-on labs), technical videos (10-15 minutes each), podcasts, and learning journeys.  And before you ask, the answer is yes! We want to bring back technical certification! Certification is very close to my heart, just like it is for many of you. In fact, I strongly believe that being a certified developer and administrator in our HCL Digital Solutions...
Digital Solutions | June 2, 2020
5 Myths about Domino You Need to Stop Believing Right Now
Even though some of us wish they were real since it was said they could make poisonous water potable and heal sickness — both things that could certainly come in handy — unicorns are the making of fantasy. While Domino isn't a mythical creature of great grace, it has proven its security, versatility, scalability and value in large enterprises for the last thirty years. Because it’s been around so long and has such a committed and die-hard customer community (even calling themselves “Team Yellow”) it has taken on legendary status. It has also inherited misconceptions — such as the platform is out of date or even obsolete. Nothing is further from the truth. Let’s walk you through some of these myths and show you what is possible with the Domino of today. HCL Nomad brings the power of HCL Domino applications beyond the desktop, directly to where your users need to be. Get the same applications, unparalleled security, and offline capabilities — now on mobile. Deliver your apps on Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phones, and Android and Chrome OS tablets with minimal effort. Check out this feature sheet to learn more about HCL Nomad.  While you can still use your Notes client to access your Domino apps, apps can now be written for web browsers. Existing apps can be modified to run on a browser, and new apps can be written for browser access. The example you see here is an internal app we use for order processing written for the web and is used daily by our sales team.   As much as we love and appreciate our Domino developers and administrators fluent in LotusScript and XPages, we want to open organization up to a much broader range of skills and talent and future proof your investment.   Now, any JavaScript developer can enhance, integrate and build new applications that include data and processes from Domino — without rewriting from scratch. This example here is a tracker application built with a web UI written in React –...
Digital Solutions | December 13, 2019
HCL Verse on-Prem 1.0.9 is Here
HCL Verse On-Premises (Verse)’s superior user experience means there’s less clutter and more clarity while using mail to get your work done faster. Designed for browser-based mail on both desktop and mobile devices, Verse gives you everything you need. HCL Software is pleased to announce the release of HCL Verse On-Premises 1.0.9 for general availability. Verse 1.0.9 highlights include: New logo and color scheme: Verse now sports its HCL Digital Solutions logo and improved color scheme See the Verse version you are using: Now it lets you see your current Verse version so you can make sure you’re using the latest and greatest Verse user experience with the widest set of features. Change your internet password easily: Quick access action leads you to the change password setting Double click an event in the calendar bar to open it: More streamlined than ever, the Verse calendar bar now provides super-quick access to meeting information Improvements for 24+ hour meetings: Meetings that you're invited to that span 24 hours or more are now shown at the top of your calendar, above the individual time slots. In addition, you can now create 24-hour meetings if you are using the calendar event design preview. Use a QR code to join online meetings: Great for joining meetings quickly with a QR scanner Drag and drop to change a meeting attendee's role: Change someone’s meeting role (required, optional, FYI) with simple drag and drop Administrators can enable relative archive mail path URLs Administrators can use the notes.ini setting iNotes_WA_UseRelativeUrl=1 to enable archive mail file URLs to be relative to the Domino server being used. HCL Verse User and Admin documentation can be found here. HCL Verse Developer site can be found here. If you have requests for new features, please submit them in the VOP category...
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