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Marketing & Commerce | April 12, 2022
European ecommerce market stronger than ever – and the customers are ready for marketplaces
A recent report from Swedish PostNord, E-barometern Annual Report 2021, reveals interesting findings that can affect your eCommerce business's success.
Marketing & Commerce | November 8, 2021
See What’s Possible with HCL Commerce’s Personalization Capabilities
HCL Commerce offers a vast array of personalization options using the marketing engine and search rules. you will be able to create your own user interfaces and learn the basics of building marketing activities programmatically.
Cloud Native | August 26, 2021
Top Three Requirements for eCommerce Success 
eCommerce sales for 2021 will be more than $147 billion greater than forecast before the pandemic. If you are not already invested in a robust e-commerce solution, you will need to get started to survive in the pandemic economy. Many companies initially jumped into ecommerce with a low-cost platform but found that it can't handle the number of transactions. If companies cannot keep up with the growing number of transactions, they will miss out on sales and customers, limiting their business's growth.  
Marketing & Commerce | July 8, 2021
Follett 2021 Performance Outstrips Industry Benchmarks
I love it when I get to share good news from our customers! The mantra for HCL Commerce is ‘The Transaction Platform that Helps you Sell More’ and that is exactly what Follett Higher Education is proving across more than 1800 storefronts!
Cloud Native | December 21, 2020
Fall 2020 Release, the March of Cloud Native and the Evolution of Commerce
Whether your business is large or small, B2B or B2C (or B2B2C) if you are looking to grow fast, innovate and differentiate through great customer experiences, cloud native offers the speed, agility and scalability to take your business to the next level.
Marketing & Commerce | December 16, 2020
Revshare: is it the right eCommerce model for your business?
Revshare is simply a financial model, where the costs outlined above are calculated over the life of the contract, bundled up, and sold back as a percentage of revenue, with an expected outcome to recoup all costs incurred, plus make profit. Read the blog to know more deatils
Marketing & Commerce | November 10, 2020
Understanding your customers intentions, and why you should care…!
Helping you navigate around this and any new expectations can be simplified by breaking it down into bite size chunks.
Marketing & Commerce | September 23, 2020
Planning for Peak with HCL
Understanding the volumes that your ecommerce site needs to sustain, and be responsive and operational, are key information to the success.
Marketing & Commerce | August 19, 2020
Bajaj Electricals Live! An API-First Build Yields Excellent Results
Bajaj Electricals Limited – part of “Bajaj Group” is a globally renowned and trusted company. Their business is spread across – Consumer Products (Appliances, Fans, Lighting), Exports, Luminaires and EPC (Illumination, Transmission Towers and Power Distribution).
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