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Number of Posts: 19
Streamlining Our Ideation Process
Digital Solutions | April 5, 2022
New Ideas: Streamlining Our Ideation Process
The HCL Digital Solutions Product Management team has streamlined the product ideation process for HCL Domino, HCL Domino Volt, HCL Sametime, etc.
What’s New in HCL Domino Volt
Digital Solutions | October 5, 2021
What’s New in HCL Domino Volt
The latest release of Domino Volt, v1.0.4, is available for customers to download from the HCL license and download portal and to try out in the Domino Volt Sandbox
Nolte Kuchen
Digital Solutions | May 27, 2021
Customer Success Case Study for Nolte Küchen, GmbH
The story outlines the dramatic improvements of the HCL Notes client management and improved upgrade processes for a German manufacturing company, Nolte Küchen.
HCL Domino Volt
Digital Solutions | April 27, 2021
HCL Domino Volt: April Release with New Integration Possibilities
Domino Volt is on a quarterly release cycle, and this marks our fourth release so far. Now customers can access v1.0.3 on the HCL License Portal.
Integrate with HCL Link in April
Data Management | April 20, 2021
Integrate with HCL Link in April
HCL Link and HCL Domino Volt have a low-code capability, making it easy to develop robust, secure, and enterprise-grade workflow-based applications.
Deploy simple to complex apps
Digital Solutions | January 12, 2021
HCL Domino Volt: Zero to Hero in 30 Days
HCL Domino Volt is a low-code capability for business users and citizen developers to build powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade workflow-based applications easily.
HCL Domino Volt
Digital Solutions | December 8, 2020
HCL Domino Volt: The December Release is Here!
To learn more about building apps with HCL Domino Volt and what new features are in the latest release, please read our webinar on the week.
Domino Early Access Program
Digital Solutions | October 14, 2020
New October Release: Domino Early Access Program
Learn about HCL Domino V12 Early Access Program, where we allowed customers to test new product features early in the development cycle. Read more.
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