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Number of Posts: 13
Digital Solutions | July 26, 2022
DS Academy Highlights
Digital Solutions Academy has been very busy in the technical education over the last two years. Check out here our most recent wins.
HCL Connections Opens Up Opportunities
Digital Solutions | May 17, 2021
How HCL Connections Opens Up Opportunities by Breaking Down Silos
HCL Connections collaboration suite was built around the central premise of openness and discoverability. Read to know about cause’s information silos?
Key to Digital Transformation
Digital Solutions | January 22, 2021
Build or Buy? The Answer Is Key to Digital Transformation. Are the Resources It Takes to Build Worth It?
The environment in which more people than ever are working remotely and app developers need to cater to more user modalities such as mobile, wearable, and desktop devices.
Announcing the HCL Ambassador Class of 2021
Digital Solutions | January 8, 2021
Announcing the HCL Ambassador Class of 2021
HCL Ambassador's program rewards individuals who go above and beyond in their commitment, advocacy, and knowledge-sharing of the HCL Digital Solutions products.
Digital Week 2020: Oh, What a Week It Was!
Digital Solutions | November 17, 2020
Digital Week 2020: Oh, What a Week It Was!
Digital Week 2020 has been an amazing week. We had major product releases and new versions launched of various products. Let's have a look at what happened!
Open Source at HCL Software
Digital Solutions | November 5, 2020
Open Source at HCLSoftware
HCLSoftware's OSPO (open-source project office) has approved our participation with the Jitsi community. HCLSoftware could contribute consistently and sustainably.
The Benefits of Hybrid Cloud
Digital Solutions | October 31, 2020
The Benefits of Hybrid Cloud and Why it’s a Big Deal
Enterprise technologies are moving to cloud-based deployments it has become increasingly important for organizations to evaluate their current DX implementations carefully.
HCL Sametime Pre-Release v11.5
Digital Solutions | August 18, 2020
HCL Sametime Pre-Release v11.5: Try It Out Now!
HCLSoftware announces the availability of a pre-release of HCL Sametime v11.5, the newest version of the trusted video meetings and persistent chat platform.
Digital Assets
Digital Solutions | August 4, 2020
HOT DAM! What’s Next? A Q&A with David Strachan, Director of Engineering
Learn about new capabilities to its platform that helps empower users to create compelling experiences, improving the bottom line and customer satisfaction.
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