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Number of Posts: 5
Secure DevOps | July 22, 2021
Who is Value Stream Management for?
See exactly how value stream management impacts individual contributors, managers, and executives in development, quality, and business roles
Secure DevOps | October 29, 2020
Accelerating Testing at Reduced Costs
For many organizations, defining test processes to keep up with agile and continuous software delivery trends is a huge challenge.
Secure DevOps | October 26, 2020
Enhancing Test Results Via Unified Reports
Evaluating software components under unexpected or expected conditions is very crucial. Therefore, the testing team plays a significant role in business growth by evaluating the quality of the product.
Secure DevOps | October 7, 2020
Data-Driven DevOps Part 3: Track and Plan with Data
Data-driven DevOps has several advantages in an organization’s ability to track and plan. Read on to learn how to use data in your strategy.
Secure DevOps | September 28, 2020
Data-Driven DevOps Part 1: An Introduction
Learn how a data-driven DevOps approach can help you move more quickly, improve your strategy, and enhance your organizational culture.
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