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Number of Posts: 23
Secure DevOps | April 13, 2021
What’s New in HCL Launch 
Our continuous delivery platform, HCL Launch, has been updated so it’s easier than ever to deploy software quickly, securely, and smoothly.
Secure DevOps | April 2, 2021
New in HCL Launch 7.1.2 – OAuth 2.0
Starting in HCL Launch, a new authentication method is available - OpenID Connect / OAuth 2.0!
Secure DevOps | March 22, 2021
How to deliver secure code more frequently
Learn how application security and continuous delivery can combine to create a holistic secure DevOps solution.
Secure DevOps | December 21, 2020
What sets HCL Software DevOps apart?
Beyond our software solutions, find out what sets HCL Software DevOps apart from other vendors in the DevOps solutions space.
Secure DevOps | December 16, 2020
DevOps 2020 lessons and 2021 predictions
HCL Software DevOps experts reflect on the past year and make predictions for the software development industry in the next year.
Secure DevOps | December 14, 2020
Why HCL Software DevOps deserves your vote in the DevOps Dozen Awards
HCL Software DevOps is proud to be nominated in the DevOps Dozen Awards for Best Value Stream Management Tool and Best CI/CD Tool.