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Automation | November 10, 2020
BigFix offers Fixlets for RHEL versions at End of Support
In November 2020, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL6) reaches end of maintenance support. HCL is announcing two new offerings that provide continuous content delivery for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL). The BigFix Extended Patch for RHEL offerings eliminates the need for customers to manually discover, curate, test and package ESU content - saving staff time while drastically reducing your window of vulnerability.
Automation | October 21, 2020
BigFix Compliance awarded CIS Security Software Certification for CIS Benchmarks
HCL BigFix is an essential tool in implementing security standards such as the CIS Controls. BigFix can find and fix all endpoints faster than any other solution. The new document, Implementing CIS Controls, explains how to leverage BigFix to implement many of the top 20 CIS controls. BigFix Compliance V10 is the latest to receive CIS Security Software Certification. Visit the CIS website at for details.
Automation | October 13, 2020
Using BigFix for Security Configuration Management
The goal of Security Configuration Management is to reduce the attack surface of systems by identifying misconfigurations, remediating them, and monitoring them so that they don't change. The result is a baseline configuration that is enforced as the security standard in our organizations. It’s the way to make sure that our systems perform as they are expected to as changes are made over time. By effectively managing configuration settings, we manage change, so change doesn't manage us.
Automation | September 18, 2020
BigFix Lifecycle and Compliance now includes MCM and Insights
All active Compliance and Lifecycle customers are now entitled to BigFix Modern Client Management (MCM) and BigFix Insights, extending the business value of these investments and accelerating BigFix's ROI.
Automation | September 3, 2020
Understanding BigFix: The Premier Endpoint Patch Solution
Thousands of businesses of all sizes and industries have chosen BigFix as their enterprise endpoint management tool. In fact, BigFix manages millions of endpoints worldwide, providing real, tangible value to IT and Security Operations teams. BigFix excels at continuous patching and eliminating configuration drift – both critical to effective endpoint hygiene. If these measures are properly implemented and monitored, the probability of a breach drops exponentially. Understanding why CIOs and CISOs rely on BigFix to secure their endpoint environment is critical to how BigFix achieves 98% or greater first-pass success rates.
BigFix successfully replaces MS Configuration Manager
Automation | August 10, 2020
How BigFix Displaced Microsoft Configuration Manager for Patching
BigFix's efficient patching capabilities proves the overall security posture, over what SCCM was delivering. Missing patches presents an unacceptable security risk. BigFix can provide prooof to executives that all endpoints (including roaming laptops) are patched, regardless of location, connection or status.
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