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Automation | February 2, 2023
Benefits of a Virtual AI Assistant to Your Business
Take your business to the next level with an artificial intelligent assistant! Find out how this powerful technology will make operations efficient and cost-effective.
Chatbot Based Integration to Share Data
Automation | February 25, 2022
Chatbot Based Integration to Share Data and Collaboratively Solve Issues
Learn how to use HCL Workload Automation for chatbot-based integration to share data and collaboratively solve issues. Read the latest blogs today!
Robotic process automation
Automation | March 27, 2020
Towards Business Process Management: 5 good reasons why you want to integrate your RPA bot with HCL Workload Automation
Think how HWA and RPA together can help your business to: —————————————————————————————————————————————— REDUCE COSTS INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY GAIN REAL END-TO-END CONTROL INCREASE SLA COMPLIANCE STAND UP IN COMPETITIVENESS —————————————————————————————————————————————— Forewords: is Automation the ultimate answer? IT automation is nowadays pervading the market, especially in conjunction with virtualization. Hence, one may be tempted to consider those two initiatives as the magical solution to reduce IT costs. They may indeed, but let’s start with confirming and arguing few simple statements: Modern business relies on IT technologies and processes Agree… can anybody reasonably deny it? Automation of IT processes is becoming an imperative for modern businesses Agree… to the extent that keeping manual or obsolete processing would results in loss of competitiveness. Automation makes IT processes more efficient Well, you can do things much faster. But is efficiency by itself what you want? Automation alone makes IT processes more effective Careful, automation is powerful, though doing the same thing automatically, by itself, does not imply you are doing what you need. Virtualization allows reducing costs of IT infrastructure OK, probably it’s true that a one-to-one cost comparison of each single IT resource yields that virtual is cheaper. But overall there are many costs related to virtualization that should be taken into consideration, such as: security, inventory, overprovisioning, etc. Virtualization and Automation allow great IT cost savings. Yes but WARNING! Virtual resources give the false impression to be free, but they are not. And you don’t want to automate the waste. You can achieve significant cost savings, provided you apply necessary changes to your processes and practices. So, should companies go towards automation and virtualization? Definitely yes. Wisely. Many current processes are the results of years of experience, acquired when tasks were made by people, and are possibly the best expression of a human organization....
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