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Marketing & Commerce | December 11, 2019
Clearing the way forward with HCL Commerce
When your path becomes unclear and cluttered sometimes the easiest thing to do is to look around for a new path…but there is tremendous risk in the new path, especially considering the investment you made in your current path. You will end up behind your competition – as you spend valuable time moving sideways to get to the new path instead of moving forward. You will introduce volatility into your business – a new path is inherently unpredictable with unknowns that will impact your business. You may not even get to the place you want to go – the new path won’t necessarily move you towards your goal any more efficiently or effectively or even successfully. We can help you clear your path and build a plan for the future so you can leapfrog your competition.  We can meet you where you are in your journey toward adopting Cloud Technologies like microservices and containerization - capabilities that will provide you with a more agile approach in the continuous release of new business capabilities and services, both that we deliver in v9.1 and beyond, but also those unique value-added business services that you may build.  Many of the modern capabilities touted as part of version 9 and on the roadmap for 9.1 are also available to clients on version 8 since they are containerized, assuming you begin to adopt the API/REST services. This also gives you a chance to begin to deploy and manage docker containers and gain some experience before having to adopt an entirely new deployment architecture for your HCL Commerce implementation.  The below graphic outlines exactly what of the current and planned capabilities are available to customers on v8, v9, and beyond.  So with that background, you can now have more in depth conversations about your path forward...
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