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Number of Posts: 7
HCL Workload Automation is Cloud Native
Automation | June 7, 2021
HCL Workload Automation is Cloud Native: Q&A with Chief Software Architect
Know about HWA’s Chief Software Architect, Franco Mossotto, talking more about HCL Workload Automation and HCLSoftware’s cloud-native approach.
Enhance your Oracle E-Business Suite
Automation | May 10, 2021
Enhance your Oracle E-Business Suite Scheduling Capabilities with Workload Automation
Oracle E-Business Suite is a suite of several application software mainly consisting of ERP, CRM, and SCM with Oracle relational database management.
know about HCL Workload Automation
Automation | March 30, 2021
Everything you wanted to know about HCL Workload Automation
Know about achieving goals, effective collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Learn more through knowledge-sharing programs like “WA Talks” and “Lunch&Learn.”
Automate Anything, Run Anywhere
Automation | February 9, 2021
Automate Anything, Run Anywhere, starting from the Workload Automation Test environment!
Learn how to leverage a Workload Automation deployment to run automation jobs that build our code and prepare packages for our HCL and IBM brand offerings.
Zowe CLI V1.1.0
Automation | December 1, 2020
Exploit the new commands available for the WA plugin for Zowe CLI V1.1.0
Learn what's new in WA Plugin for Zowe CLI V1.1.0. Zowe and its significant components, Web UI, API Mediation Layer, and CLI, will likely become the new interface.
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