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Automation | August 23, 2022
Increasing Cyber Threats Warrant Faster Vulnerability Remediation
HCL BigFix empowers you to get ahead of the latest threats and exploits using our continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation.
Automation | May 17, 2022
HCL Workload Automation Observability for Splunk
HWA 10 introduces AI-powered anomaly detection for workloads and includes observability through open standards to monitor cloud-native environments.
Automation | May 11, 2022
Kuppingercole Speaks about BigFix
Watch webinar about HCL BigFix joined by security experts Martin Kuppinger and Dan Wolff in relation to the challenges of managing a growing number of endpoints.
Automation | May 2, 2022
Find More, Fix More and Do More…with BigFix
Each BigFix management server is capable of managing 300,000 endpoints. Understand how BigFix remediates vulnerabilities and reduces risk fast.
Automation | April 12, 2022
HCL BigFix for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) 
Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to help them keep their multiplatform endpoints continuously patched and compliant. Read this blog to know more.
Automation | December 6, 2021
HCL HERO is Getting Stronger Thanks to Log Parsing Capability
The scariest thing for Workload Automation administrators is to see production environments not scheduling properly, causing disruption in business pipelines and monetary loss if the downtime last for a long period of time.
Automation | December 2, 2021
CASE STUDY: SAP Build Automation through HWA:
In this blog, we would look at how a team wanting to Build a New SAP Application Server and SAP DB Server based on an existing SAP Application Server and SAP DB Server can leverage HWA to achieve the same. We would be using SAP LAMA APIs exposed from SAP Side to achieve the same.
Automation | September 2, 2021
HWA-GIT-SNOW Integration: Application Code Promotion and Scheduling Objects Promotion Orchestration
This Blog aims to showcase how a Company using HWA and maintaining all its Application Code on GIT alongwith all Scheduling Objects could also promote and manage the entire Code Promotion using HWA while also tracking the Whole Process on Service Now.
Automation | June 23, 2021
Case Study: Service Now RM Orchestration through HWA
This Blog aims to showcase how we can use HCL Workload Automation to Implement a Request Management Workflow for a repeated task for a Service Line and how the complete request can be managed End to End through HWA.
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