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Number of Posts: 9
Intelligent Process Automation header
Automation | March 13, 2023
Intelligent Process Automation: What It Is and How to Apply It
A brief about what intelligent process automation is, its benefits, and ways to kickstart the HCLSoftware's IPA solutions journey.
HCLSoftware | March 2, 2023
Update from this Year’s Mobile World Congress
Speaking at the HCLTech booth at MWC, Kalyan Kumar, Chief Product Officer at HCLSoftware, says the question is no longer around why organizations should use 5G, but how they can accelerate adoption and generate revenue from those new solutions and services.
Automation | February 3, 2023
Benefits of a Virtual AI Assistant to Your Business
Take your business to the next level with an artificial intelligent assistant! Find out how this powerful technology will make operations efficient and cost-effective.
Why Your Product Recommendations Aren’t Working
Marketing & Commerce | March 1, 2022
Why Your Product Recommendations Aren’t Working
Understand why you need to get more sales and how HCL Commerce helps companies sell more and analyze audiences.
15 Key Application Security Take-Aways from a Global CISO
Secure DevOps | October 1, 2020
Listener’s Guide: 15 Key Application Security Take-Aways from a Global CISO
Learn how the team keeps up with the pace of change in a global organization, instills credibility with Development colleagues, and maintains security controls today.
AppScan V10
Innovations | March 17, 2020
AppScan V10: Fast, Accurate, Agile Security Testing
Learn why AppScan V10 is your single solution for application security testing & management activities, by integrating directly into your SDLC.
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