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Data Management | November 12, 2019
Are Banks Ready for the Next Big Thing
Ever since the introduction of banking, we have seen major technology changes that have had a positive impact on the way banks interact with customers as well as how they manage their operations. Some of these changes have completely evolved to full implementation while others are still slowly gaining acceptance. I would contend we are still in the early stages of the evolution to a cloud computing model and some banks continue to believe a large fixed cost infrastructure provides a more secure, competitive infrastructure solution, but we will not debate cloud computing today. I do want to discuss what I believe is the next big thing that will drive both enhanced customer interaction as well as impact back-office operations at financial institutions, the migration to 5G networks. In a nutshell, 5G will provide significantly faster wireless speeds with reduced latency compared to the current 4G LTE wireless networks. It will also allow banks to move their parts of their current wired infrastructure to 5G wireless. The most obvious impact will be the additional function that can be delivered to the mobile banking channel. A bank will soon be able to provide full video banking to consumers across any channel including mobile devices for not only banking functions but also customer support and enhanced marketing. 5G will also make an impact on other banking delivery channels. Examples include, bank branches which have been constrained by traditional wired networks where most banks still have in-branch servers to support and manage branch operations and provide a stand-in environment for potential wired network outages. I have had many discussions with banks about moving to a thin client model in the branch allowing the branch systems to consume the same catalog of enterprise business services used by other channels. The answer I consistently hear...
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