In our recent webinar, we set out to help people understand cloud native capabilities and how HCL SoFy can help address today’s business challenges through our products and solutions.

One of our HCL SoFy experts at HCL Software gave a live presentation and Q&A on how HCL SoFy can help people who would like to try out one of HCL Software’s cloud native products and investigate our business solutions. The host for the webinar included:

  • Scott Good – HCL SoFy UX Evangelist at HCL Software

We had some excellent questions from the audience chat throughout the webinar, consisting of business and technology professionals. Below are answers to some questions that were top of mind for our audience during the webinar.

Q: Is it possible to extend SoFy access beyond the 30 days?
A: Yes, you can have your HCL SoFy access extended to 90 days to explore all the HCL cloud native products and business solutions. To extend HCL SoFy to 90 days, contact our customer service team, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at or email us at

Q: What is the pricing model for SoFy? Is it free, or are there free and paid parts?
A: Yes, HCL SoFy is free to access. HCL SoFy aims to provide a fantastic self-service experience to try out all the HCL Software cloud native products and business solutions.

Q: Who will be the users of SoFy? Is it customers, the developer team, or someone else?
A: The users of HCL SoFy range from HCL employees to HCL customers and new users. HCL SoFy is created for both a technical developer person and someone that doesn’t have a technical background. Here at HCL Software, our goal is for any business user to try out our products and solutions to create future enterprise success for others.

Q: Can we download the code generated in SoFy to be used in our environment?
A: No, but if you want a more in-depth understanding of how HCL Software products or business solutions would work in your environment, email us at or fill out this form for a Proof of Concept.

Q: Do you have any videos about this process in GCP (Google Cloud Platform)?
A: Not at the moment, but this is a great idea. Stay tuned to HCL SoFy’s website for a video on this topic!

Q: Is the primary purpose of SoFy to test some new functionalities of HCL products and train people or present new HCL products for customers?
A: Yes, and no. These are only some cases of how users use HCL SoFy, but SoFy is here to help solve real-life business problems. Through having a quick, hands-on experience with products ranging from many purposes, including digital solutionseCommerce, secure DevOpsIT operations, and application development, among many more.

Q: Are there any CRM solutions or something similar? 
A: HCL Software has several products that work great with CRM solutions. An example is Unica, a fully integrated enterprise marketing automation platform that provides precision marketing at scale. However, HCL Software is always looking to expand its portfolio of business solutions, so it doesn’t have a CRM platform; there could be one later. Keep up to date by visiting the HCL Software website.

Q: Can we manipulate the data in the backend using HCL SoFy?
A: No, a user cannot change the data on the backend of SoFy.

Q: I tested SoFy some time ago and had problems providing data for the test in the Unica suite. Is there some instruction on how to do that?
A: In our current sandbox environment, that’s not possible. That’s one of the many reasons we have the Business Solutions; they’re pre-configured with sample content so you can experience the products in more of a real-life situation. When isolated sandboxes become available later this year, users can upload and download their content into SoFy sandboxes and even connect to outside systems if necessary.

View the recording of the webinar: Experiencing HCL’s Cloud Native Offerings with HCL SoFy

Stay tuned for our next webinar on August 3rd, focusing on the HCL Commerce Marketplace called: Getting Started & Making the Most of HCL Commerce Marketplace with HCL SoFy.

About HCL SoFy:

SoFy is the cloud native solution factory for HCL software. We built HCL SoFy to get you fast, hands-on experience with HCL software’s cloud native applications that solve your business problems.

Visit to learn more.




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