Are you currently using containers in production? Are you using continuous integration or continuous delivery modes in production – or need to get here? Are you ready to modernize and transform your battle-hardened enterprise software through the application of cloud-centered technologies and practices?

Introducing HCL SoFy – Making Your Cloud Native Journey Easy

We are pleased to introduce HCL SoFy, the next generation software development accelerator. HCL SoFy amplifies the integration of world-class HCL Software products and services to generate a customized solution quickly and easily.

A Rich Set of Catalog Products and REST APIs Containerized for Custom Cloud Solutions

HCL SoFy uses Helm technology to provide HCL products and APIs as cloud-ready building blocks. These catalog products and services are enabled for Kubernetes as docker images and helm charts. Features include:

  • Searchable catalog of HCL products and REST APIs
  • Common services to make running in Kubernetes easier
  • Platform enabled for Kubernetes as Docker images and Helm charts
  • Application to combine REST APIs and products into SoFy solutions
  • Cloud-native repository to access HCL Software product containers and Helm charts

Dramatically Accelerate Enterprise Software Deployment From Days and Weeks to Minutes

Deliver in a cloud-native, container-based environment, that’s fast and cost effective. Whether you chose a public cloud, like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), or prefer a private platform, SoFy solutions are portable across all Kubernetes environments so you have complete freedom of choice. 


Get Started in Three Easy Steps:

Request Access to HCL SoFy

Are you an HCL Business partner, customer, or employee wanting access to HCL SoFy? Request access to get started


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