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SoFy chief architect Jeff Turnham of HCLSoftware shares his knowledge of cloud native solutions and how to modernize applications for an episode of Architecting with Google Cloud with developer advocate Romin Irani. Watch the video below and learn how HCLSoftware’s cloud journey started from scratch to create HCL SoFy.

Want to skip around? Check out the timings for the video below.

0:00 – Intro
3:10 – How Google Cloud helped start a Cloud-Native platform?
6:10 – Discuss HCL SoFy Architecture
9:45 – What are the key GKE features in SoFy Architecture?
12:20 – What are the challenges faced in developing scalable GKE Applications?
17:40 – How do you define success for a Cloud-Native platform?

If you’re unfamiliar with HCL SoFy, it is a cloud native solution factory for the entire HCLSoftware product portfolio. Speed up your cloud native journey with access to over 50 product components and 2,000 Rest API endpoints with free trials and cloud native demos.

SoFy allows you to deploy enterprise software on the cloud of choice without vendor lock-in and scale to enterprise needs in minutes.

Want to learn more about HCL SoFy? Click here.


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