The HCL SoFy team has made it easier to launch a product or Business Solution into our sandbox by removing a few steps. As a result, the following has been improved in SoFy, and will appear differently:

  • Solution creation is no longer necessary. Built by our experts, the Catalog has ready-to-use HCL Software Products and Business Solutions that do not require further customization. As mentioned previously, Business Solutions demonstrate how product capabilities solve real-world problems.
  • A new LAUNCH IT button on the Catalog page is on the tiles. Click LAUNCH IT from the tile itself or the Catalog Details page to start a sandbox directly.
  • The left-hand side of the Catalog Details page shows Deployment Information, and once launched, Sandbox Information needed to access the SoFy Console will appear. Once available, click on the button saying View SoFy Console. Copy your custom login credentials above the button to access the dashboard.
  • User Guides and APIs are found on the left-hand side of the catalog detail page under Product Documentation.
  • Multiple instances of the same Catalog item can be launched to the sandbox by clicking LAUNCH IT again from the tile. Your sandboxes will be named in sequence as ‘sandbox-name_02’; ‘sandbox-name_03’, etc.
  • The previous Solutions page is now Sandboxes in the nav bar. There is no longer a separate page for each custom solution; but rather, the Catalog Details page shows sandbox information.
  • On the Catalog, you may notice a teal “…” context menu on each card. This allows you to Download the Helm Chart or Request cloud services via HCL Now directly from the Catalog.

API Directory Enhancements

The API Directory is now ordered alphabetically by API name. A filter by category option has also been added.

Where to Find your Old Solutions

  • The new Sandboxes page displays all of your active sandboxes.
  • If you have custom-built solutions running in a sandbox, they will also appear here on the Sandboxes page.
  • Any custom-built solutions will not appear on the Catalog Details page; only newly deployed sandboxes will appear.
  • If you have a custom-built solution running in a sandbox, and the sandbox is deleted (or it expires), you will not be able to restart it. Please launch the same item from the Catalog instead, and it will immediately start-up a sandbox.
  • Note: If you had created a solution with a content combination that is unavailable through the Catalog and would like the Helm chart to be installed in your own environment, please open a support ticket, and our team will retrieve your solution chart. These charts will be available until 30 June 2022.

Watch the Tutorial

Our Getting Started in SoFy video has been updated to reflect the changes above.

Supported Browsers

We’ve listed our currently supported browsers and are working to support more shortly. In addition, HCL SoFy allows you to build solutions using the following browsers on Linux, macOS, and Windows:

  • Safari 15.4+
  • Chrome 65+
  • Firefox 69.0.3+
  • Edge 85+
  • Opera 52+

Note: Browser versions listed are the minimum requirements; later versions are also supported.

Browsers not listed above are not recommended and have not been tested for performance and bugs. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Supported Kubernetes Versions

Below, we’ve listed the supported Kubernetes requirements for SoFy Solution Install.

  • 1.19
  • 1.20
  • 1.21

Sandbox Limitation

The sandbox can be used to preview your solution, but the solution services can only be accessed over HTTP/HTTPS. Therefore, services that use other protocols will have limited functionality when tested in the sandbox.

Want to get hands-on experience with HCL SoFy products and business solutions? Get access here!


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