Our traditional collaboration models continue to evolve as we spend less time face-to-face with colleagues and more time than ever before connecting via video meetings and chat messages. We have become more skilled at working efficiently across our organizations using these new collaboration tools. Our HCL Sametime chat and meeting solution has also evolved, and you now have early access to our latest Sametime Eifel release, planned for general availability (GA) later this year.

Want a more seamless collaboration experience across multiple devices? Then try out some of our new features in the upcoming Sametime Eifel release. Here are just a few of the features available in the early release:

  • Host and attend your Sametime meetings now using the Safari browser
  • Don’t misplace important information — easily find a 1:1, group and meeting chats using our latest chat filters
  • Use push proxy to receive call, meeting, and chat notifications instantly for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Keep better track of your time: View meeting timer once meeting has started

Our early release is available now for all our Sametime Premium customers and Domino customers entitled to HCL Sametime. The download is now available on our License and Download Portal — just search under “HCL Sametime” product category to find it.

After you try out our early release software, you can also provide your feedback on our latest feature enhancements via our Program Forum. For further details, please check out this article.

Please note, our Sametime Eifel early access release will be available from now until our GA release planned for the fall of 2022.

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