HCLSoftware is pleased to announce the general availability of our latest release, HCL Sametime Premium v12.

This is a major release of Sametime Premium that’s focused on enhancing your data security, delivering lower TCO and a customized meeting experience for every meeting owner and participant.  It is now available for download on FlexNet, HCL’s License & Delivery Portal.

Here are the highlights of Sametime Premium v12: 

Make good security decisions every time: We ensure your privacy is protected with pre-defined meeting modes: Collaboration, Confidential, Lecture Mode, plus new member management capabilities.

Customize your Meeting experience: We provide personalized and branded experiences, plus powerful meeting reports for those managing meetings.

Administrators get up and running faster with lower TCO with a fully containerized deployment on-prem or private cloud. 

As an end-user and a meeting owner, you can take advantage of:    

  • The ability to tailor your meetings to the level of security needed with meeting modes to protect your company’s confidentiality. 
  • Reporting so you can keep records of who attended and what was presented in your meetings. 
  • Restrict your meetings to only those you invite and are included in your member access list. 
  • Make Sametime your preferred meeting solution with our easy-to-use Outlook integration and our unique personal, custom, and instant meeting options. 
  • And finally, our new click to call feature that enables you to carry on an important conversation after the meeting has finished. 

HCL strongly encourages all Sametime Premium customers and business partners to upgrade to this release and leverage the new features above and much more. 

For a complete view of what’s new in this release, please click here.

Lastly, we want to hear from you, please submit for your ideas for future enhancements here. 

Thank you.
Ginni Saini,   

Sametime Product Manager   

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