The updated version of RTist 11 is already full of new features and bug fixes following the completion of sprint 2020.16.

The Relationships property page has been redesigned and now uses a single table for showing both incoming and outgoing relationships. This makes its behavior consistent with other property pages such as Attributes and Operations. It also improves the usability since it’s now easier to work with a large number of relationships.


The Relationships property page


The license handling in RTist is now more flexible and you can configure for how long a license will be borrowed from the license server until it is returned (so that someone else can use it). Also, it’s now possible to use a “heartbeat” license renewal to avoid that a license is lost in the middle of the work.


Licensing Handling


Both the above features are also available for users still using RTist 10.3, through the release 10.3 2020.16. Other features mentioned below are only present in version 11.

A new context menu command on protocol events allows for easy conversion from an in-event to an out-event or vice versa.


Context Menu


Build variants can now also be used from the Clean dialog. This allows you to do clean builds with build variant settings specified.


Build Variants


Other features in RTist version 11 2020.16 worth checking out are:

  • Extended UML-RT Java APIs which makes it easier to create capsule parts and connectors programmatically from Eclipse plugins
  • Support for cleaning external library TCs by means of specifying a clean command in the TC
  • Model compiler support for scoped enums with a specified underlying type
  • Graphic visualization of TC prerequisites (this is an experimental feature)
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