The latest installment of HCL RTist features two versions:

  • RTist 11 2021.10
  • RTist 11.1 2021.10 – experimental version

Here are some highlights:

Event Routing Visualization

This feature shows graphically how an event can be routed in the composite structure of a capsule. You can now use this feature in order to easily navigate from a place in the code where an event is sent, to the transition that will receive it.


Event Routing Visualization


Find the receiving port in the Event Routing diagram (you may have to use the Go Outside command to find it). Then invoke Find Triggers on the receiver port and navigate to the transition(s) that may trigger when the event arrives at that port.


Find Triggers


User Interface Improvements for Templates

It has become easier to work with template parameters in RTist. The Project Explorer representation is more compact and the C++ keyword typename is used to more clearly distinguish type from non-type template parameters.


User Interface Improvements for Templates


The Properties view page for editing template parameters was also much improved with support for creating, deleting, reordering and editing template parameters.


Propert Page


Improved Tracing in the Model Debugger

A new command Show Only This Instance in the Trace Editor can now be used for easy filtering the trace to only show trace events related to one particular capsule instance.


Show Only This Instance


After filtering you can easily see which state the capsule instance was in when it sent or received an event.


Show Only This Instance


OneTest Embedded Integration

An experimental integration with HCL OneTest Embedded is included in this version of RTist 11.0 (it’s not yet available in RTist 11.1). It can compute and visualize run-time coverage for state machines in your application. For example, it can be used for finding states and transitions of a state machine that are not covered by current tests.

The coverage information can be shown in a table and then you can see how many times the states and transitions have executed.


Coverage Table


You can also show the coverage information in state chart diagrams. Elements that have executed at least once are marked with green color, and those that didn’t execute with red color.



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