The latest Design Room ONE delivery may not have too many user interfaces changes, but under the hood it is powered by the latest version of Node.js.

Node.js version 14 has an updated Javascript V8 engine. So, its adoption has resulted in a faster, better, more stable and secure server.

Our measurements showed up to 22 percent improvement in performance of serving thousands of HTTP requests.


Sprint 41 Performance Chart


If you are eager to try it in your environment Node.js version 14 installation file is included in Design Room ONE deliveries. But the easiest way to start from scratch would be using Docker.

The latest image is as always available in Dockerhub and this Github project provides docker-compose file that will allow deploying all necessary components including authentication server with a just single command.

Another great thing is that from now all the documentation included with Design room ONE is also available through a public website, so you can browse it even without downloading or installing anything.

There you can for example review updated Installation Instructions document, which now has a new section Configure HTTPS. It provides necessary instructions on how to configure modeling tools to use TLSv1.2 protocol, that is currently the minimal allowed version for all server communications by default. TLSv1.2 is much more secure than TLSv1 and modern supported browsers have been using it for a while already.

However, the situation with some java applications like modeling tools or Rational Publishing Engine is a bit different: they may require some configuration and Java Virtual Machine updates before they would be able to connect to Design Room ONE server. In case the updates are problematic in your environment you can always configure the server to allow earlier version of the TLS protocol to be used as well.

Watch see this video to learn more about Design Room ONE v2.1 2020.41.

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