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Marketing & Commerce / June 10, 2019
Find out how your Feedbacks Can Influence the Next Release – TechConnect Sessions are Back!
​The new HCL TechConnect week is here. For those who are new to our events, here is a quick look at what you may have missed out... ​ What we captured in last TechConnect and what can you learn in the upcoming sessions? ​​ Back in February, on the first Monday of IBM Think 2019, a group of 35 Marketing Software users gathered for the 1st  HCL TechConnect kick-starting the engagement with our product experts and marketing peers, for what we envision, will become the platform of choice for partners and customers. This first session was a huge success with industry leaders from Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Retail and other verticals sharing their feedback on our marketing suite (Campaign, Interact, Marketing Operation, Contact Optimization and all the add-ons). With this feedback, we formally started the ideation process with a new design thinking approach. We decided this would be the baseline for our road-map and the next release of the Marketing software suite. “It is beginning to feel like Unica again but much better and more transparent”. We wanted to establish that our vision at HCL is to engage Marketing Software users early on in our road-map design cycle to ensure the products and features we deliver have more relevance to their marketing needs. This aspect of our hyper care strategy is already producing great results. Our support team has reached a satisfaction score of 9/10 in addressing your requests. Moreover, the last V.11.1 release covered more than 50 of your requests for enhancements; making it the largest release since Unica was acquired by IBM. ​ ​Therefore, it was heartening to see that so many of you appreciate that transparency has been restored and you can openly raise requests in our community. We want to hear and respond to the conversations our users are having on...
Marketing & Commerce / June 4, 2019
SSL Configuration for IBM Campaign – Part-II
Part two of the blogs further explains how to perform SSL Configuration for IBM campaign
Marketing & Commerce / June 4, 2019
SSL Configuration for IBM Campaign – Part-I
In Unica, campaign architecture involves two ways of SSL communication as mentioned in this blog
Marketing & Commerce / May 20, 2019
Deriving Better ROI with ‘Agent Capacity function’ in Contact optimization – Part -2
In part one of this blog, we learned about the first four steps about configuring Agent capacity function. These first four steps were A, Creating Agent tables: Agent information table and agent-customer relationship table B, Defining Agent tables in Optimize Configuration C. Create Agent channel D. Create Contact Optimize Session providing agent tables and agent channel. Please click here to read the Part -1 of this blog We shall continue with the next steps in this article which are - E. Define Agent Capacity rules in Optimize session F. Create Pre-opt flowchart and then run it G. Run Optimize session H. Run Post opt flowchart to deliver offers to optimized contacts. E .Defining Capacity Rules in CO session: ​Agent_rule: Provide Agent Channel in the channel box. You can either select specific offer/offer list or select “Any offer” which means all offers which has a channel as “agent” will be selected by this rule. Other options like “over the time period” and offer range will be disabled by default when you select agent channel. ​Email rule: Select channel as “Email” or any other channel you have defined. We are using EMAIL in this example. You can define offer range here, so we have defined 0-2. That means at max only 2 offers will be selected by this rule which has a channel as “email”. F. Creating a pre-opt flowchart: Pre-opt: ​ ​Select process box “Agent”: ​Optimize process box “Opt_Call_1”: ​Offer “CO_Offer2” parameters: ​Select process box “Email” configuration: ​Optimize process box “Opt_Email” configuration: ​Now run the flowchart and check count in PCT table: ​Once the pre-opt flowchart finishes run, it populates the PCT table which is known as the proposed contact table. You can find PCT table name from debug level flowchart.log. We can see above that 4 customers are selected to deliver offer via Email channel and 5...
10 Reasons why Dockerized Unica Products will be Your Choice
Explore the benefits of Dockerization of Unica products. How it improves installation ease, saves time and is cost efficient for deployment.
Marketing & Commerce / April 22, 2019
Deriving Better ROI with ‘Agent Capacity function’ in Contact optimization – Part -1
​Smart marketers know that delivering personalised, contextual timely and relevant offers yield better Return on Investment (ROI). It also enhances customer engagement and improves loyalty. Agent Capacity function in Contact Optimization helps marketers segregate high value consumers and extend more relevant offers that leads to a better rate of conversion. It also helps to prevent contact fatigue, and problems arising out of conflicting offers.

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