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Uncategorized | June 12, 2018
What’s New in Marketing Software v11 (formerly Unica)
  Version 11.0 of the IBM Marketing Software (formerly Unica) is being released in June. Join us to hear about the changes we are making as part of HCL. ​ ​Learn how you can interact with Watson to understand your Campaigns using natural language. See how you can use coverage analysis in the Interact simulator to understand how your campaigns will perform over time. Find out how we are helping you to be GDPR compliant. Register now!Speaker: Claire Timlin Product Manager IBM Marketing Software HCL Products & Platforms   Date and Time: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM EDT   Registration URL:   Marketing Platform, Campaign, Interact, Marketing Operations, Contact Optimization, and Opportunity Detect are trademarks of IBM Corporation, in at least one jurisdiction, and are used under license. ​
Uncategorized | June 7, 2018
WebSphere Applications Server Redirects to an Internal Port when used with a Load Balancer or Proxy server’s friendly URL when using Interact Runtime Administration Page Test client
Technote (troubleshooting)Problem (Abstract) The port number on which the WebSphere application server is listening is added to a request from Interact runtime admin page test client. This causes the requests from the test client to fail. The default port number for WebSphere running Interact v10 runtime for HTTP is 9080, for https is 9443. The addition of port 9080 /9443 to a friendly load balancer URL on port 80 causes problems for load balancers as it tries to redirect the request to the Interact ​ application on a non-existing port for the friendly Interact URL. Load Balancer URL http://MyFriendlyURL/interact   Interact RunTime Cluster URLs mapped to the load balancer URL http://interact1:9080/interact http://interact2:9080/interact http://interact3:9080/interact http://interact4:9080/interact   Below is showing the result of a “get version” called by the test client after WebSphere adds the default port onto the Load Balancer URL. You see you get a connection refused error because there isn’t anything listening on port 9080 on the load balancer URL. Resolving the problem To address this issue, complete the following steps for each server in your Interact Runtime cluster.   ​From the administrative console: 1.       Click WebSphere Application Servers > server_name. 2.       Click Web Container Settings > Custom Properties. 3.       Add the following properties:                     1.       Name: trusthostheaderport Value: true                     2.       Name: Value: true After you complete the previous steps, restart the server or servers. When you go to HTTP://<MyLoadBalancerURL>/interact/jsp/admin.jsp  and you click server “get version” it will not redirect you to the following URL http://<MyLoadBalancerURL>:9080/interact... and the application will work as designed. Andre Floyd HCL Marketing Software Architect I have been working with the IBM's Enterprise Marketing Management suite of tools for about 7 years. Been with HCL since March 1,...
Marketing & Commerce | June 4, 2018
Big News For IBM Marketing Software (formerly Unica)
  We understand the critical role that IBM Marketing Software (formerly Unica) plays in your organization and we have exciting plans to revitalize future development and extend functionality through increased product investment. ​ Join us as we share additional details on how the IBM + HCL strategic partnership is changing the future for the Marketing Suite of products. We are eager to hear your feedback on the most important updates and features for your organization, and share the product direction we are planning. Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 Time: 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM EDT Speaker: Amy Dickson Senior Regional Director, Products & Platforms Registration URL: Platform, Campaign, Interact, Marketing Operations, Contact Optimization, and Opportunity Detect are trademarks of IBM Corporation, in at least one jurisdiction, and are used under license. ​
Uncategorized | May 29, 2018
The King is Dead, Long Live the King.
  The realm of marketing is all around us. Everywhere we go messages from vendors and suppliers encourage us to spend more, try new products, improve our customer experience.​The days when marketing was limited to the mail you received from people you have transacted with are over. Nowadays the all-pervasive reach of the digital channels has taken over and we live in an always-on society. For years the product(s) formerly known as Unica has been regarded by the analysts as providing the leading marketing solution for enterprises. More recently these products came to be known as IBM Marketing Software.   As you may or may not be familiar with IBM and HCL recently concluded an agreement on Intellectual Property and licensing rights for the former Unica products. The King is dead, long live the King! The digital world not only provides the ability for always-on communications but it enables us, as marketers, access to an ever-increasing wealth of data about our products, our customers and our eco-systems. Most data analyst sources expect the digital data universe will double in size every two years so that the data available to you in 2020 will be 50 times larger than that in 2010. How do you expect to be able to make sense of all this complex data and then integrate with all the different, disparate Martech solutions that are out there in a single unified manner? The Marketing Suite (the set of products including Campaign, Interact, Optimization and Marketing Operations will address these questions and many more with our new product roadmap and Go to Market strategy. Not only have we retained the system engineers in the product labs, but we are adding to them with both new talent and re-hiring many experienced developers from the past. Our product labs are working on...
Reading and Using Campaign Log files
Log files are useful for troubleshooting and performance improvements within Campaign. Once we had a slow running flowchart at a client, and by reviewing the log file we identified that the actual issue was caused by the network traffic to the database. This helped us to fix the issue and optimize the performance of the flowchart. ​ One of the more advanced features of Campaign is that it has its own log generation tool from within the application. This means that they are accessible for end-users without having to consult IT Administrators. This blog will provide information about using flowchart log files for analysis and performance improvements. ​The flowchart log provides information about: Potential performance issues with a flowchart run; Identifying flowchart run errors; Capture details of the configuration settings and table catalogs; Capture the actual SQL passed to the database server. Reading the Log The flowchart logs are available from the options menu: Options à view log When searching for a specific error, it is best to clear the log first, set the required logging options and then run the flowchart again and look at the log file. By following this procedure, only the last run of the flowchart containing the error is shown. This makes it easier to diagnose the error. Logging Options and Levels The log file can provide much more detail than you typically would need. Therefore, it may be useful to set the logging level using the Logging options function in the menu. Debug logging options may be useful when contacting Technical Support. Otherwise, this option may definitely produce too much detail. The debugging level usually also decreases the execution speed of the flowchart. So after identifying the root causes, turn it off again. The lowest level of logging is to include only errors, these can...
Marketing & Commerce | May 8, 2018
Why I am excited about the HCL-IBM Partnership
  ​Hello, let me introduce myself… My name is Bryce Connors and I joined a small software company named Unica Corporation on April 3, 2000.   I have been a part of “Unica” since that date.   When Unica was acquired by IBM in 2010, I became an IBMer and the Unica products became known as IBM Marketing Software.   On September 1, 2017, I joined HCL as part of the HCL/IBM Partnership for the IBM Marketing Software offerings – including the Campaign, Interact, Contact Optimization and Marketing Operations modules.   For the past 18 years, I have been involved in services delivery for the Marketing Software Suite (formally, known as Unica).   I’ve been so involved at and with Unica, that one of my Unica colleagues nicknamed me the “Mayor of Unica”. ​ I started with Unica as a Business Solutions Consultant, helping marketers become productive end-users of the software – Campaign was the only module at that time.   From there I managed Unica services engagements, first as a Project Manager and later as an Engagement Manager. I have been a Practice Leader of the Unica services practice at IBM and have that same role today at HCL. During this time, I’ve not only seen my career grow but that of others; both my colleagues and those at customers as well.   I’m very excited and proud to be at HCL and part of the HCL/IBM Partnership for the Marketing Software Suite. I have witnessed first hand the early benefits of the partnership and am excited to be part of the team that will help fulfill the benefits of this partnership for our existing and future customers. ​HCL/IBM Partnership for IBM Marketing Software ​Using the above slide, let me review the key highlights and share my first-hand perspective. 01 - IBM and HCL have entered...

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