Exploring HCL Commerce Marketplace with HCL SoFy
Cloud Native | August 5, 2022
Do you want hands-on experience with a B2B or B2C marketplace platform? In our latest Getting Started & Making the Most of HCL Commerce Marketplace with HCL SoFy, we review how you can easily access HCL Commerce Marketplace with a click of a button to explore its capabilities. In addition, we answer frequently asked questions to help you better understand how to leverage this platform as part of your eCommerce efforts.

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Marketing & Commerce | October 23, 2018
Campaign Sort Orders
By default, Campaign Use Binary Sort order. In order to do proper sorting at campaign, set default character set as UTF-8, default character type as Unicode and sort order as Binary.
Marketing & Commerce | October 3, 2018
Interact Coverage Analysis
Database marketers often want to test their Interactive channel(s) whether they have enough offer coverage for each group of their customer base or for certain groups of segments.
Marketing & Commerce | September 27, 2018
Planning for Marketing Effectiveness
Planning for a campaign is much easier with Marketing Suite products which are designed to cater to every marketing objective or activity. Marketing Effectiveness helps in reducing the time and budget for any Campaign. The below article will help to understand the steps
Marketing & Commerce | September 6, 2018
Using Campaign Outbound Triggers
An outbound trigger is the execution of a command, batch file, or script (that is stored on the Campaign Application Server) that takes place after a flowchart or process is run. You can define triggers to perform virtually any action, such as opening an application, sending an email, or running a program.
Automation | August 27, 2018
Using Campaign Inbound Triggers
This blog will take you through the Inbound Triggers – triggers sent from other applications to Campaign.
Marketing & Commerce | August 15, 2018
Configuring Db Loader with Interact Runtime
​By default, the runtime environment writes contact and response history data from session data into staging tables.
Marketing & Commerce | August 13, 2018
Thanks for Contacting Support!
​If you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve by consulting the documentation or the Portal, your company’s designated support contact can log a case with Technical Support.
Uncategorized | July 25, 2018
Always-On Marketing
When was the last time you decided that you needed a product or service but really had no idea from where to get it?
Marketing & Commerce | July 11, 2018
Campaign Execution Best Practices
  The Campaign is the most used tool and the backbone of your marketing ecosystem. Here are the best practice recommended for Campaign users after years of working with this engine. Incorporate the 4 principles of Best Practices into your group Reuse, Organize, Automate and Share. ​ Execution specific Best Practices Create derived fields or custom macros when you need an aggregation of data that doesn’t exist currently on the database. Create control groups at the lowest level of segmentation, and use the random selection functionality provided in the software. When building a new campaign meet as a group and brainstorm the new design before building it.  Then after the campaign is built, meet again as a group to review the design and evaluate the campaign from all three vantage points: Performance, Ease-Of-Use, and Flexibility. Define offer and promotion history so that each discreet contact with a customer can be identified in the database. Use Campaign user attributes to capture more information or create derived fields to support this requirement. Use ‘Check Syntax’ for syntax checking at all times. Use the ‘Summary Tab’ to capture Campaign metadata and descriptive information. Apply suppressions early in the Campaign design process (so that your surviving population is smaller as you progress down the processing chain). To obtain waterfall or cascading counts, use a separate process box for each Select or Segment process, the results can then be displayed with the cell waterfall report. Use the ‘Cell Size Limit’ function to limit output records to particular channels based on constraints. When entering multiple conditions in SELECT and SEGMENT process boxes, enter criteria piece per line and place the AND/OR operators on a separate/newline.  Enter the AND/OR operators in ALL CAPS. Use the ‘General Tab’ to capture comments about the processes you have created. When creating multiple...

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Getting into Marketplaces?
October 5, 2022, Webinar
B2B or B2B2C marketplaces are sophisticated sales channels. Do you know what you need to provide to succeed? This 30-minute webinar will give you the insights that will help you get it right the first time and drive revenue growth. Guest star: Director of Commerce Strategy, Karie Daudt, Perficient.
RE-THINK, RE-BUILD, RE-GENERATE | Merging Marketing & Technology
October 5, 2022, Virtual Event
The Retail Hive Exchange UK/EU
October 6, 2022 - October 7, 2022, Event
In true Hive style, the Exchange brings together senior retail professionals to soundboard, benchmark and learn from each other – assisted by recommended partners – in a closed, vetted group.
Digital Insurance Connect 2022, TX
October 24, 2022 - October 26, 2022, Event
The Invite-Only Forum For Senior Digital, Marketing & CX Leaders From Insurance Companies, Agencies + Brokers
Constellation Connected Enterprise | California, USA | October 24-27, 2022
October 24, 2022 - October 27, 2022, Event
Three-day innovation summit and executive retreat
The CXO Exchange is an invitation-only event is built for today’s senior CX Leaders. Reach out to request your invitation.
November 7, 2022 - November 9, 2022, St. Louis, MO
CXFS Connect (Customer Experience in Financial Services), SC
December 7, 2022 - December 9, 2022, Event
The Invite-Only Event for Senior Level CX Leaders in the Financial Services Industry
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