Cloud Native | August 5, 2022
Do you want hands-on experience with a B2B or B2C marketplace platform? In our latest Getting Started & Making the Most of HCL Commerce Marketplace with HCL SoFy, we review how you can easily access HCL Commerce Marketplace with a click of a button to explore its capabilities. In addition, we answer frequently asked questions to help you better understand how to leverage this platform as part of your eCommerce efforts.

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Automation | October 2, 2019
HCL BigFix Inventory 9.2.16 Validated Equivalence to IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)
BigFix Inventory V9.2.16 is now available, delivering increased value and demonstrating HCL’s commitment to both HCL and IBM customers.
Automation | October 2, 2019
Harden Your Servers with BigFix Compliance
BigFix Compliance is used effectively to harden servers reducing security risk.
Secure DevOps | September 30, 2019
How to Balance Speed and Security in Your Application Security Program
In today’s ever-evolving digital trust landscape, the term DevOps has become synonymous with speed.
Digital Solutions | September 30, 2019
Introducing HCL DX 9.5: Future-Proof Your Business through Powerful Simplicity
You know that the future of your business relies on the technology decisions you make today. And you know you need a digital experience transformation platform that is robust enough, secure enough, and modern enough to evolve and meet the needs of your business — as well as all your business users and customers.
Automation | September 25, 2019
BigFix Patch Tuesday Webinar – September 2019
September is the first month of the Fall season and as more leaves start to rain down, apparently so do more patches from Microsoft. September Patch Tuesday has brought with it a whopping 80 vulnerabilities including 17 which are categorized as “Critical”. In this month’s BigFix Patch Tuesday Webinar, we discussed what these patches mean, why they carry such a high severity, and how BigFix is helping our clients optimize their planning and deployments to achieve high levels of compliance even in the smallest of maintenance windows. 
Marketing & Commerce | September 24, 2019
5 Ways Complex Pricing Impacts your B2B Commerce Strategy
RP may be your source for all pricing information but it’s your customer-facing platforms that need the flexibility to keep you relevant in today’s market.
Digital Solutions | September 23, 2019
Sometimes life moves pretty fast…. Can you keep up?
HCL DX 9.5 provides a new OpenAPI-compliant set of REST services, which allows developers to deliver personalized, rich experiences on any digital touch point leveraging any front-end framework they choose.
Secure DevOps | September 23, 2019
A dissecting table for iOS
A a recent publication by Aleph Research, the security research arm of HCL AppScan, describes how iOS can be emulated on the popular QEMU emulator and operated using a command-line processor.
Secure DevOps | September 23, 2019
AppScan, a new beginning
AppScan pioneered many foundational security testing (AST) technologies, most notably dynamic application security testing or DAST.

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