Cloud Native | August 5, 2022
Do you want hands-on experience with a B2B or B2C marketplace platform? In our latest Getting Started & Making the Most of HCL Commerce Marketplace with HCL SoFy, we review how you can easily access HCL Commerce Marketplace with a click of a button to explore its capabilities. In addition, we answer frequently asked questions to help you better understand how to leverage this platform as part of your eCommerce efforts.

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Marketing & Commerce | October 21, 2019
Part 2 – What Drives Ecommerce?
As ecommerce has grown to be a bigger part of the retail pie, expected to be almost 18% of all retail sales in 2021, it has correspondingly grown in complexity.
Secure DevOps | October 18, 2019
Exploring the IoT Ecosystem
Industries are generating thousands, even millions, of new lines of code in their complex, stateful, real-time systems with model-based designs. Additionally, both new and legacy systems require enhancements to capture and react to the plethora of data and consumers of that data, being created by both people and devices every second.
Digital Solutions | October 16, 2019
How We Are Building a Notes Mobile Application for iOS
On October 15, 2019, we hosted a popular HCL Domino-focused webcast hosted by Gabriella Davis from Turtle Partnership and Andrew Manby from HCL. The plan was to bring you up-to-date with the work we have completed on the discussions template for iOS mobile as well as how we got here, what is coming next, how you can get involved. It also includes our hopes for additions to Domino Designer that will allow us to map mobile gestures and behavior to Notes applications. There were hundreds of participants asking a lot of questions. We provide the answers to those questions here (sorted by topics, in bold). You can watch the replay here, and find out more about the Template Experience project here. Project Scope  Q: Once you completed discussion and team room template, will you continue to enhance other templates?  A: Yes, at this time currently limited to discussion and Team room template features. However, it is the starting point for the Template project that Gab was describing. Once this template is completed and shipped, we will then look at the other templates (based on customer feedback) we want to modernize. Beta  Q: Can we get the Nomad on the iPhone now? When is it expected to eGA?  A: Yes, you can! Sign up for our iPhone Nomad beta here. By the way, this URL is right for the beta for Android tablet too. We expect Nomad for iPhone will eGA by EOY 2019. Cross-platform  Q: Having used Nomad, will you be adding Workspace like the standard client to make accessing new templates easier?  A: Yes, we are planning on providing the Workspace as an option for Nomad. Stay tuned. Q: Do you intend for this prototype template to work for Nomad on other mobile platforms?  A: Yes, once it's ready for distribution, it will load a frameset...
Automation | October 15, 2019
Patch Tuesday Webinar Notes – October 2019
Microsoft released many patches on Patch Tuesday in October. Team BigFix hosts webinar to discuss highlights.
Marketing & Commerce | October 15, 2019
Part 1 – What is eCommerce?
This is the first in a three part series where we seek to provide some basic groundwork and understanding for the basics of ecommerce; what drives ecommerce (people and technology); and a little bit about the ecommerce platforms that underpin B2B and B2C digital commerce. Part 1 – The Basics Sale of goods and services At a very basic level, electronic commerce (ecommerce) or digital commerce is a transaction of goods or services between two parties (buyer and seller) over a digital channel generally using digital payment, i.e. credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, Venmo, and bank cards, to name just a few types of payment. I say generally because as we’ve been seeing in the last 5 years or so, the lines are blurring between online and offline - which we’ll talk about more in subsequent sections. The end to end experience which includes ecommerce is called the digital customer experience and it encompasses more than just a transaction but also the initial communications and the post-sale interactions between the business and the buyer. The exchange can occur between a business and a consumer such as a purchase from a retailer’s website - a B2C transaction. The exchange can be between businesses such as an auto parts manufacturer selling to a local garage - a B2B transaction. It can even be a direct sale from one consumer or individual to another such as through sites like eBay or Craigslist, this is called C2C. There are variations on this too, where you could swap a business for a government entity in any of these scenarios. Why is it successful ECommerce has been an incredibly successful channel for selling goods and services. It is growing faster than traditional retail - 3x faster in 2018 and in a growing number of...
Marketing & Commerce | October 10, 2019
The State of MarTech 2020
Whats the state of Martech in 2020? HCL Unica and Econsultancy collaborated and surveyed marketers across the globle to find answers.
Secure DevOps | October 8, 2019
AppSec: Protect from the Inside Out
In cybersecurity today, it is no longer good enough to just protect and defend the perimeter of our applications - we have to protect from the inside too.
Digital Solutions | October 4, 2019
Update: Strategy and Release of Nomad 1.0.4 for Apple iPad
I am delighted to bring you an essential update on the Digital Solutions strategy for HCL Nomad, the client interface to Domino applications. First, we are shipping HCL Nomad 1.0.4 for the Apple iPad available from the Apple App Store today. New name, same great product – HCL Nomad. While the Domino Mobile Apps product, officially rebranded to HCL Nomad, the mission and capabilities remain the same. As a result, run your existing Domino apps online or offline without any additional investment. Furthermore, if you were testing the Nomad on iPad via Apple TestFlight previously, you would be notified by email with the link to download the GA version on the Apple Store. Where am I? Nomad knows. The release includes some cool new features such as a new LotusScript interface for iOS and Android, built-in GPS and gyroscope capabilities. For instance, once V11 ships, your Domino apps can capture the user's exact LAT and LONG information. The possibilities for retail, asset management, audit/inspection and travel-based applications are endless. Personal Mail File Access. Yes, users by default can now access their private mail file using HCL Nomad. Hence, administrators should refer to the following link for MDM options for mail and other settings: Managing HCL Nomad via an MDM provider. What else is new in Nomad 1.0.4 and 1.0.3? Here's a brief synopsis of what we think is useful in case you missed it. Configuration of Nomad is now possible to avoid DNS, a necessary setting for some VPN solutions. We have added Notes Rich Text Selection. Double-tap a word to select text. Added Notes Rich Text Copy/Paste @Command FileOpenDatabase temporary flag now works with "Recent Applications", only when the applications were closed previously @Platform[Specific] returns additional entries for iOS: model type ("iPad" or "iPhone"), apple model identifier Native OS Style...
Secure DevOps | October 2, 2019
Culture is Key For Security
Today, there's a direct connection between consumer trust, user experience and revenue and it is clear that a security culture is critical to success.

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