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Digital Solutions | September 10, 2019
HCL AppDev Pack version 1.0.2 for Domino is here!
The AppDev Pack is an add-on for HCL Domino that lets users connect Domino applications with Node.js projects and create new applications that span both worlds. HCL is pleased to announce that on August 28, 2019, AppDev Pack 1.0.2 for HCL Domino is released for general availability. Highlights of this version are: Improving the IAM service. The Identity and Access Management (IAM) service enables remote applications to authenticate to Domino using the OAuth2.0 protocol. With version 1.0.2 of the AppDev Pack the service is improved with:  More efficiently leverage multiple CPU cores on the server  Ability to configure token expiration  Support third-party statistics server integration through 'StatsD' protocol  The ability to create and read Names, Readers and Authors items The ability to create, read and delete attachments  The ability for Proton, which is the Domino server task, to update the Domino directory with an application's certificate   In addition, we are providing a preview of a feature called “Act as User” which lets domino-db applications now request the ability to make requests on behalf of a user. The feature is implemented across multiple components from the AppDev pack, such as: IAM Service: in the Domino Database Access section and related sections on other pages Act as User Administration in Proton Configuration and Database Configuration Act as User in domino-db module Please contact your HCL Sales representative or HCL Business Partner for more information on how to get  AppDev pack 1.0.2 for HCL Domino. See the AppDev Pack for Domino documentation
Docker? Kuber-what? HCL is reinventing DX with containerization (and why you should care!)
Since there’s been a lot of buzz around it, you no doubt know Docker provides an open standard for packaging and distributing containerized applications – the benefits of which are many for any business that adopts the approach, such as rapid install, on virtually any platform, and isolation that makes software/container updates a snap. What you may not know is that HCL Software is on a mission to be a premier provider of containerized applications – a mission founded in freeing businesses to focus on driving business value from software investments, not spending resources on intensive and high-cost devOps – and I’m delighted to say that HCL Digital Experience 9.5 for Docker is ready to go this month. But wait, you might hear that and understand how Docker alone is great, then you ask I often also hear about “Kubernetes”…how is it related and why should I care?  As Docker is for containers, Kubernetes (or “k8s” for those in the know) is for orchestration of containers.  Why is that important?  Well, as an analogy, think about air travel – a plane is a like a container and airports/air traffic provide valued orchestration so individual planes can get where they need to safely and efficiently – similarly k8s becomes critical so more value is derived from the containerization approach.  Specifically, k8s provide scheduling of container launches/clusters, autoscaling and load balancing as load changes, self-healing of problematic/expired containers, container rollback, and much, much more.  In all, Docker + Kubernetes really is revolutionizing software delivery, implementation and maintenance – and I encourage everyone seek out more education on why businesses need to at least consider employing the paradigm sooner rather than later. For HCL, the 9.5 release Digital Experience (DX) is available via a Docker image with production support on Red Hat OpenShift...
Are your teams spinning their wheels or working together to deliver compelling digital experiences?
Creating compelling, meaningful experiences is hard. Sometimes it feels like IT and the line of business are working at cross-purposes or speaking different languages. IT wants to create a secure, scalable platform that they can rely on and run cost-effectively. The business is looking for tools they can use to quickly understand their audience and create compelling, consistent, content-rich experiences that they can control and modify themselves. More often than not, there is a disconnect between IT and the business when it comes to deploying digital experiences, and that’s when you end up expending your energy rowing in circles and not making much forward progress. In a December 2018 Forrester Consulting study, they found that while 61 percent of IT professionals believe their firm has a considerably/completely integrated digital experience strategy, only 48 percent of business professionals feel the same way. The study, commissioned by HCL, also found that in many cases metrics for these groups are not aligned, which results in the mismatch of priorities and perceptions of success. This misalignment prevents companies from delivering world-class experiences. Exceptional digital experience requires an integrated architecture of analytics, process, culture, technology, and content, as wellas an ecosystem that supports customers, employees, and partners. This does not mean that IT or the business should give up its autonomy; they must instead find opportunities to align their goals, systems, and responsibilities for better results. Start moving in unison today to move forward faster. Learn more about the challenges of creating exceptional digital experiences, and what the market leaders are doing to drive results. Read the interactive Forrester paper today!
Digital Solutions | September 6, 2019
Domino v11: Your Questions Answered
During the August 7, 2019, Domino V11 “Let’s Get Real about Domino” webcast, we covered a lot of ground. Andrew Manby, HCL Software’s AVP of Product Management, presented our up-to-date roadmap for our #dominoforever journey and what it means for developers, administrators, and business users. You had a lot of questions! And we answer them here. To be informed of future updates, please subscribe to our newsletter. Apps Q: Will WA (Web Assembly) include offline support for applications? A: Yes, the ability to run Domino applications on a browser will support online and offline modes, with the support of the NotesID and replication. Q: What are the plans for Domino Designer? Will it stay as-is for V11? A: Yes, we are focused on fixes and enhancements, for example, for working with apps deployed on HCL Nomad. Longer-term, we are evolving the tooling for mid-code to pro-code too. Q: Can you share for everyone where leap is in a sandbox on HCL? A: You can log in from here. Q: What's the future for the ICAA client? A:  ICAA will continue to be maintained/enhanced, however, the intention is for applications to run natively in the browser using Web Assembly. Beta Q: What's the link to the V11 beta program for Notes, Domino and Sametime? A: The beta program is now open for registrations. Cloud Q: The coming HCL cloud will be apps-only, no mail, right? A: Please refer to the recent announcement blog by Richard Jefts and bookmark the HCL blog for future updates on our HCL Cloud strategy and plans to help clients on IBM Connections Cloud with their migration path. If you have immediate questions, please speak with your HCL sales representative. Community Q: Can we please get a real-time discussion platform to talk to each other? A: Stay tuned,...
Marketing & Commerce | August 22, 2019
The Unica Journey – Our vision for future and Quick peek down the memory lane
Unica has enjoyed leadership for ground-breaking innovations in the marketing automation space. Find out where unica is headed in future and its journey
Digital Solutions | August 7, 2019
It’s Beta Time!
It's incredible to think that it's been about a year since we started the successful Domino V10 beta program. We've made so much progress, and now we need your help to keep the momentum going. We are excited to announce the HCL Domino V11 portfolio beta program, and call on our community to share honest, constructive and thoughtful review and testing of the Domino V11 portfolio beta software. The beta program will include HCL Domino V11, HCL Notes V11, and HCL Sametime V11. Your input is essential to how we develop our products — and we want to make sure we listen to you and involve you before we make this release generally available at the end of 2019. We’re seeking people who meet the following criteria:     A business end-user, administrator, or developer who has prior knowledge of Domino, Notes, Sametime and Designer Those who bring diverse (role/industry/geography/company size) attributes to the beta team so we can ensure we get a balanced blend of input perspectives HCL is looking for participants to: Share their use case for the beta in their company Engage in a dialog about Domino V11 and provide timely feedback Be constructive and professional in all written/spoken interaction with program members, and HCL Attend the web conferences and meetings pertaining to the beta program Experience the beta in a non-production environment Provide feedback on your application server upgrade experience Review and comment on documentation Help us streamline your Flexnet setup process Be open to the idea of becoming a reference for Domino V11 or Sametime V11 The beta program will be in two phases:  Beta 1: We will form an initial group of beta participants, based on the submissions received and then qualify and approve for beta program enrollment. Beta 1 will begin on September 4th, 2019.  What you can test...

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CommerceConnect – Summer 2021 Release
June 24, 2021, Webinar
Join HCL Commerce as we share our Summer Release on 9.1.7 as well as a special, secret announcement! Agenda: Welcome - Announcing HCL Commerce on Now Gary Schoch, GTM Leader for Commerce shares exciting news on the launch of a new offering from HCL that is a first for cloud native solutions. Joining Gary is Chip Pryor, Global eCommerce Lead...
HCL Digital Experience Summer Launch – 2021
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