During the testing process, delivery is often challenged by the fact that different development teams move at different velocities.

For example, a mobile team might be able to release reliably every day. However, a middleware team might release on a weekly basis, and a mainframe team may need a month or more to make a release.

This problem could create a bottleneck if the goal is continuous delivery, even with automated testing.

HCL OneTest Virtualization simulates missing system components to enable faster development and testing. It listens for network traffic in the same fashion as the real service, allowing development and testing activities to continue when the real service is unavailable.

Additionally, it checks for incoming messages, processes those messages, and responds according to the behavior described.

HCL OneTest Virtualization can be deployed without having to reconfigure the original environment – saving time and avoiding errors.

Learn more about HCL OneTest Virtualization or schedule a demo.

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