One of the most crucial – and sometimes difficult – parts of software testing is the data. You need to run tests with real data, but you can’t use actual data because of privacy regulations and security concerns, or simply because you don’t have an existing database. Data generation tools can be a tester’s best friend, but only if they work accurately, consistently, and quickly. That’s why, when you get HCL OneTest Data, you also get HCL Link automatically – two software solutions for the price of one!

HCL OneTest Data generates synthetic data sets for testing environments without the risk of data leaks or privacy issues. HCL Link solves complex integration problems including data transformation and validation across a range of messaging standards and data formats, including those involving industry-specific formats. All instances of HCL OneTest Data include HCL Link.

What does this mean for you? First, it means you can get the testing data you need faster with a better user experience. Second, when you need large data sets on demand for efficient and compliant software testing, HCL OneTest Data uses HCL Link to create custom data quickly. With this software combo, testers can generate data in a number of different ways, including via predefined datasets, data generation rules, or custom data generation scripts. The result is flexible, unique data modelled after your specifications and produced in CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, text, or binary formats.

The integration between HCL OneTest Data and HCL Link is completely seamless. HCL Link automatically works behind the scenes of data generation requests in HCL OneTest, so there’s nothing a user needs to do to take advantage of HCL Link’s performance advantage.

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