One of the coolest features in the latest HCL OneTest release is its ability to integrate with various types of technology.

For example, you can extend referential integrity to add custom relationships and generate DDLs in version 10.2.

Additionally, InstallAnywhere supports all 14 languages for the HCL OneTest product family as supported by the Installation Manager. This ensures a friendly installation experience thanks to a translated installation package.

Service Virtualization of HTTP transports on HCL OneTest Server (GA)

Supporting WebServices (SOAP, REST & HTTP) and IBM MQ-based applications, Virtualization on the server enables simplified scaling of virtual services, easy debugging and visualization of usage with the new System Model view.

Support for Contract Testing: Consumer-driven

As APIs mature, there is a considerable friction between the provider and the consumer. —   small changes to an API specification can break consumer behavior and cause multiple downstream issues. Contract testing allows API providers and consumers to validate changes to API specifications quickly and easily to avoid deploy time problems.

Check out this on demand webinar discussing the next Generation of HCL OneTest.

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