HCL OneTest version 10.1.2 is now available. And, while it is predominantly a fix pack, our team has included some exciting new capabilities in this release.

For OneTest Server users, 10.1.2 provides these following updates:

  • Simplified license management: license information can now be viewed and managed by the server administrator from the web UI instead of the Helm chart
  • Webhook support for repository refresh – whilst test repositories are updated regularly for active teams it can be helpful to have repository updates trigger a refresh automatically; this can now be achieved through the repository webhook
  • Postman test execution – for teams who have not yet (or don’t intend to) migrated their Postman tests to OneTest API we now offer a native execution option. Simply connect your Postman git repository to your OneTest Server project and you will see your tests appear alongside your native OneTest tests ready for execution
  • JMeter test execution – we now offer a native execution option for JMeter tests. Simply connect your JMeter git repository to your OneTest Server project and you will see your tests appear alongside your native OneTest tests ready for execution
  • Notifications – certain activities within OneTest Server now trigger notifications, these can be managed from the notifications configuration page – please feel free to suggest what further activities you would like to get notifications for on our OneTest Ideas portal.
  • Jira Integration – users can now connect OneTest Server to their Jira infrastructure and raise issues directly into their defect tracking repositories from the results view
  • Azure DevOps Integration – users can now connect to OneTest Server from Azure DevOps and run their OneTest Server tests as part of their pipeline executions (Azure plugin available from the Azure Marketplace)
  • OneTest Data is now integrated with HCL Launch allowing users to request data refreshes as part of their build pipeline

Take a deep dive on what’s new with OneTest Server here. Or watch the on-demand webinar discussing the latest release.

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