The latest HCL OneTest 10.1.3 release comprises several benefits and features for continuous testing in areas such as UI, performance and API throughout project lifecycles.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s included:

Expanding Testing Capability

Users will be able to easily test GraphQL endpoints (a common means of building queries on top of microservices). While this is similar to REST/JSON-based services, there are specific features related to queries and mutations that make providing a dedicated capability desirable.

There is also extensive support for working with:

  • GraphQL queries
  • Building up queries and mutations
  • Sourcing GQL schemas via introspection
  • Virtualizing GQL endpoints

Easier application under test configuration control

HCL OneTest 10.1.3 features a refreshed application configuration toolkit, meaning Web, Android, iOS and Windows apps can be configured via an easy-to-use web interface.

AI/ML Test-driven Solutions

HCL OneTest Data now includes a referential integrity module which enables cross correlation of data between multiple output tables, meaning customers can now generate all the linked data required to properly model their business scenarios. For example, setting up a customer record that has multiple linked purchases in an order history table.

Application modeling

With HCL OneTest 10.1.3 we are introducing the first piece of the system model view which will enable users to get a quick, visual overview of how the tests they are running or the components they are virtualizing are connected together and the state of their quality.

For virtual services, being able to clearly express which element of the application the virtual service will represent enables users to quickly and easily start using their virtual services to replace dependencies in their model.

For example, by modelling external dependencies and associating a virtual service with that model component a user can simply remove a costly third-party service without needing to dig through a large catalog of virtual services.

SAP Ecosystem Support Refresh

Supporting the most recent version of SAP GUI ensures meeting our customers’ needs; SAP GUI 7.60 is the latest major release and HCL OneTest 10.1.3 ensures full support of the latest features and changes.

And much more!

We continue to address customer Ideas submitted through our ideas portal and this release includes several of your Ideas. We love our community of testers, and value all the Ideas submitted. So, please keep them coming, and we’ll do our best to get them into the product.

Visit to learn more or schedule a demo.

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