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HCL OneTest version 10.1.2 is now available. And, while it is predominantly a fix pack, our team has included some exciting new capabilities in this release.

For OneTest Performance users, 10.1.2 provides these following updates:

  • Brotli support: decompress and work with data from services that implement the Brotli encoding mechanism.
  • Dataset access from custom code: testers can now manipulate dataset values from custom code steps and read/write back values from/to datasets.
  • 64-bit SAP support: you are no longer restricted to using the 32-bit version of OneTest Performance in order to work with SAP GUI based applications.
  • Reports enhancements now allow for custom percentile counters.
  • Reports enhancements to support exporting result data to JSON format.
  • Reports enhancements supporting publication of large performance reports to OneTest Server.

Take a deep dive on what’s new with OneTest Performance here. Or watch the on-demand webinar discussing the latest release.

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