Life in an enterprising ecosystem just got a whole lot easier thanks to the latest HCL OneTest release.

Let’s take a quick look at how in the latest version:

Working in an Azure DevOps Environment

Integration with Azure DevOps services in Microsoft’s environment continues to be extended to improve user experience. We chose to do so because many of our customers have adopted the Azure platform for development and testing scenarios, and we want to continue supporting them in their chosen environment.

Additionally, having a packaged Azure Kubernetes Service deployment server installation for users is much simpler and easier to manage. This takes advantage od Azure Kubernetes services such as Velero, for backups to provide a truly integrated experience.

HCL OneTest UI Desktop Agent

Providing a simple means of executing a test is a core value of HCL OneTest and exposing a simplified agent for UI tests expands the range of execution mechanisms available to testers. With the release of updated Desktop and Mobile execution capabilities, users can orchestrate execution on Windows desktop applications, mobile web, hybrid applications on iOS and Android devices.

Simple Automation and Testing of Mobile Native and Hybrid Applications

Version 10.2 also brings a refreshed approach to working with native and hybrid mobile applications.

Incorporating the SmartShot technology from Web UI testing, users are now able to record complex application flows and set verification points through interactive screenshots of each step in the process. This dramatically simplifies the effort typically spent configuring verifications in tests, and by taking a low-code/no-code approach OneTest UI is now able to apply the AI driven healing toolkit to significantly reduce test maintenance effort.

Execution on mobile devices can be achieved with emulators, attached physical devices, or through any of our partners such as Perfecto, Bitbar and others.

Simple Automation and Verification of MS Windows desktop applications

The latest version also brings a refreshed approach to desktop application testing on Windows.

Windows Native Applications support in 10.2 changes the way desktop applications are tested on Windows 10. Just as we have done with Web and Mobile Native testing, we are bringing our SmartShot interactive screenshots technology to desktop application testing while allowing rich cross application testing scenarios.

Check out this on demand webinar discussing the next Generation of HCL OneTest.

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