In our recent webinar, we set out to help people to address today’s data management and application development challenges.  

Our HCL OneDB experts at HCL Software gave a live presentation and Q&A on how the newest release of OneDB 2.0 can assist businesses in powering their enterprise applications. Members of the expert panel included: 

  • Emily Taylor – Product Manager, HCL Software 
  • Pradeep Muthalpuredathe – Business Unit Leader (OneDB), HCL Software 
  • Shawn Moe – OneDB Principal Architect, HCL Software 

We had some great questions from the audience chat throughout the webinar, comprising of business and technology professionals. Below are the answers to the questions that were top of mind for our audience in the webinar Q&A.  

Q: Is there any functionality for Change Data Capture in OneDB to populate real-time changes to another database?​
A: OneDB does support IBM Change Data Capture (CDC) currently. Clients can also use Smart Triggers capability that is part of the database.

Q: Is OneDB supported for Unica System DB? Or just a user database?​ 
A: OneDB is the default Unica system tables/DB for cloud native offerings and is supported as system tables/DB for all deployments. OneDB is also the database of choice for Unica user tables/database for cloud native deployments and otherwise, too.  

Q: What are the Unica upgrade options available to upgrade from the existing system DB (Oracle/SQL/Db2) to OneDB?​
A: We do offer to help with database migration services to help migrate from Oracle/Db2/SQL to HCL OneDB. Using migration scripts and skills within the HCL Software services team makes it easier to migrate to OneDB. Please reach out to Joseph Veleeparambil to help better understand your needs. 

Q: Would OneDB 2.0 be a good platform to host an open-source ERP application customer’s data?​

A: Yes, definitely. We “Kandoo” it! 

Q: Cost of the overhead of Kubernetes etc., do we have to use it?​
A: OneDB is also available to run outside of Kubernetes. OneDB containers with Kubernetes based orchestration is one deployment option.

Q: Is OneDB 100% compatible with 11.7, 12.x, 14.x ER?​

A: HCL OneDB is compatible with Informix 11.7, 12.10 and 14.10 Enterprise Replication. Please do keep in mind, Informix 11.70 has been end-of-life for some time now. 

Q: Does OneDB Explorer = Informix HQ? fundamentally?​
A: HCL OneDB Explore and InformixHQ are similar but not the same. They have many of the same functionalities. HCL OneDB Explore will continue to add more functionalities/capabilities in-line with the OneDB strategy and our Client’s needs.  

Q: Is the webinar going to be recorded?
A: Yes, you can click on the link HERE, fill out a short form, and enjoy the presentation at any time! 

Additional Resources on OneDB 2.0: 

OneDB website 

HCL OneDB 2.0 Delivers Cloud Native Scalability and High Availability 

OneDB 2.0 Datasheet 

Do you have additional questions you would like to ask? Contact us here 

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