HCL Software announced the business partnership with Four Js Development Tools to collaborate on a campaign to modernize legacy mission-critical applications in the database market with the help of HCL Software’s product, HCL OneDB.

Building on a history of collaboration, in April 2017, IBM® and HCL entered a 15-year partnership that merged the best of their shared knowledge and teaming experience to accelerate the product roadmap and innovation of IBM Informix®. That collaboration has also resulted in HCL OneDB®, – a cloud native data management system positioned to reduce IT complexity while providing enterprise-grade availability, scalability, security, and performance that will accelerate digital transformation within any organization.

How can the partnership help your business?

The partnership helps businesses by offering a unique solution that modernizes applications. HCL OneDB, combined with the Genero Low-Code Development Platform from Four Js Development Tools, helps revive aging applications that are too critical to tamper with, too costly to rewrite, and too finely tuned to replace with third-party software applications.

Together, OneDB and Genero form a unique combination for enterprises that wish to accelerate their digital transformation and speed up their transition to dynamic cloud native applications. Deploy as Docker containers with Kubernetes orchestration in just minutes for applications at the edge, on-premises, and in the cloud.

Developers and agile teams can also develop new database-driven enterprise applications that are truly cloud native, in a matter of minutes, days, and weeks rather than months and years. This speed in development yields significant benefits, such as reduced time to value, reduced operational costs, and improved developer productivity.

OneDB and Genero offer the versatility, reliability, and ease of use needed to address today’s data management and application development challenges.

Check out the full news release here.

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