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Where would software companies be if they didn’t listen to consumer feedback? Most likely struggling and failing to keep up with the competition. However, there’s no escaping that listening to direct customer input and the ability to glean insights from it are at the core of building successful products (including a database product!). And the foundation of any thriving data insight-led architecture will live in the database platform.

That is why consumer feedback is essential for delivering superior database products and features for its customers.

This post will dive into how HCL OneDB collects valuable feedback and how you can start sharing your ideas with us!

Here’s Where to Start

Customer Feedback Portal

Start by visiting https://www.hcltechsw.com/resources/submit-idea and scroll to the bottom of the webpage to find OneDB. Then, click on Submit an Idea. From there, log in if you are already a member or sign up for free if this is your first time.

For HCL OneDB, the innovation portal enables users to submit new ideas, explain why suggested features are essential and give a use case for the idea. “The innovation portal is an efficient way for people to give valuable feedback to our team — both on their unique suggestions as well as our promising ideas for our roadmap. HCL OneDB is a great new cloud native database with high-performance, scalability, and reliability. Still, we are always looking for ways to do more and improve OneDB.” – Emily Taylor, Product Manager, HCL OneDB.

Customer Feedback Portal

What Happens to Feedback?

When you submit a request in the HCLSoftware Customer Idea Portal for HCL OneDB, it’s reviewed by our product team and made partially visible so that other users can view, comment, and vote on the idea.

Periodically, our product team will meet to review the priorities captured in the portal, feedback from our team members and prospects, and how those requests align with our overall product strategy.

We’ll also strive to share an explanation for status updates whenever applicable to keep all of our collaborators in the loop!

Try The HCL Customer Idea Portal Today!

Jump down the page to HCL OneDB or click on another HCL product and let us know your feature ideas.

Get Started

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