The August 19 launch of OneDB 2.0 marks the inception of a new era for easy cloud native database management within the HCLSoftware portfolio. Deploy the best cloud native database for HCLSoftware products effortlessly, in minutes via single click deployment and out-of-the-box pre-configurations that shrink deployment and implementation time from weeks to minutes.

Made for each other – tuned and tested together – OneDB is helping optimize performance for HCLSoftware solutions like HCL Commerce and HCL Unica.

Join us August 19th to learn about Performance testing benchmark results and superior features make OneDB the best choice for HCL Unica and HCL Commerce customers.

OneDB 2.0 now includes Kubernetes based horizontal scaling and high availability data replication accomplished the Kubernetes way. Our Kubernetes operator handles automated backups, and OneDB Explore makes operational monitoring and centralized database administration so easy even your mother could do it. We are excited to share how OneDB’s ability to support flexible workload distribution and management – support for geographically distributed active-passive and active-active workloads can bring significant advantages to HCL Commerce customers and applications that need support for distributed database topographies.

Is your company already on its journey to cloud native transformation? See OneDB in action and learn why it is the best database choice in the market for HCLSoftware products, and the best choice to power your enterprise applications.

Reserve your spot today!

For more information about OneDB, visit our website.


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