HCL Software is proud to announce the release of HCL Link version 1.1, part of HCL Software’s data management portfolio. HCL Link (formerly known as HCL Integration Platform) is a modernized tool to help enterprises solve multifaceted data integration problems. This code-free solution provides the ability to connect to the source or target application(s) of the relevant data and then perform complex data transformation. 

HCL Link provides a unified solution for data integration.  HCL Link is about making connections – between applications and the data needed to run and transform your business. This enables you to activate your data – empowering the right applications and people with the right data and the right time. With the flexibility to deploy where and how you want,  you can activate your applications and data with easy-to-use data transformation solutions that will accelerate IT projects and support business and compliance initiatives. 

HCL Link offers out-of-the-box solutions for industry standards and regulatory compliance for operational, business and transactional data integration, including:  

  • Financial Payments Pack – Simplify the adoption and ongoing use of key financial payments industry standards that make your business run with this solution pack of accelerators, including data definitions, validation, and samples for SWIFT, SEPA, NACHA, ISO20022 and more. 
  • Healthcare Pack – Accelerate the adoption of and compliance with key healthcare payment and clinical data industry standards with this solution pack of accelerators, including data definitions, validation, and samples for HIPAA, NCPDP, HL7 and more.  
  • Supply Chain EDI Pack – Fast track your implementation of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards that automate your business with this solution pack of accelerators, including data definitions, validation, and samples for X12, EDIFACT and more.  
  • SAP Pack – Maximize the value of your SAP investment with this solution pack that simplifies and reduces the time to value of integration with the rest of your business systems.  

Link benefits from high performance, lower costs, flexibility, reducing development and maintenance efforts, and your standard support for out-of-the-box solutions. You can now explore the full features, benefits, and industry packs here.  

Get more done, faster and simplify your integration. Connect, transform and activate – your data and business! 

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Data Management | November 24, 2020
Challenges addressed by Link
Data transformation is a process of converting data from one format to another. Depending on the infrastructure, and data volume the process of transforming your data may require a team of experts and substantial infrastructure costs. Data transformation is not a single process, it includes numerous stages of activities such as convert data types, and data normalization. This cleanses data by removing nulls or duplicate data, performs aggregations, and set transformation rules. The organization transforms their data for numerous reasons. For example, to make it compatible with other data, to upgrade the system, to move to other systems, or to combine two databases. While performing the data transformation an organization can face many challenges. However, only Link can address these challenges effectively. A modernized HCL tool, the HCL Link helps organizations to solve multifaceted data integration problems. Link provides a unified solution for data transformation and integration. Overcoming challenges with Link: Simplified Complexity Modelling, development, and testing of transformations and integration solutions via a code-free approach. Any-to-any transformation, Link can truly transform data from any format to any format. Save time on the maintenance of implementations by taking advantage of accessing meta-data or using pre-built standards. Many-to-many integration, Link reads data from multiple sources and writes to many destinations in one pass. Performs data validation and data formatting which improves the data quality and protects applications from potential landmines such as null values, unexpected duplicates, incorrect indexing, and incompatible formats. Link supports EDI, XML, SWIFT, HIPAA, and other standard-based B2B integration, as well as the real-time integration of data from multiple applications, databases, messaging middleware, and communications technologies across the organization.  Interoperability Link provides the ability to Connects applications, databases, processes within the organization Link support different classes of adapters. Eliminates the need for multiple data transformation and integration tools – run...
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