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The world of integration is constantly changing. As we deal with such complexity, we tend to drive toward simpler integrations (REST, API’s & JSON). Data structures are changing more rapidly and data sources are being added at the highest frequencies. The evolution of data is leading to significant digital transformation in organizations across the globe, but along this path there is a pain point that we are seeing in the market. 

We need connectivity.

HCL Link makes connection between applications and the data needed to run and transform your business. But, can you imagine a software where demos, trials, and deployment to development and production environments were all through one containerized experience? It’s called HCL SoFy.

Now, reimagine HCL Link on SoFy. This provides an easy path to get started with cloud native. It delivers richly capable, multi-cloud ready HCLSoftware products and microservices. This is designed to allow solutions to run in any Kubernetes environment.

HCLSoftware is a Cloud Native

Thanks to HCL Now you can experience using HCL Link on SoFy.

HCL Now is Cloud-Native-as-a-service. This approach enables a cloud-first architecture that allows freedom to deploy anywhere, power to innovate, and allows flexibility to scale on a dedicated environment. With experts on demand, you can rest easy and leave the burden to us. Reduce risk and cost as you move to cloud native with our Kubernetes and product experts.   

If you’re searching for a simpler integration path, look no further. Experience a cloud native integration with HCL Link.

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