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Having the right tools to facilitate your continuous delivery processes is crucial to your success. Launch 7.2 users harness the power of impactful updates that enable faster continuous delivery.

Java Distribution Management

There are over 3 billion devices running Java all over the globe. Applying patches, maintenance, and updating the steady stream of future releases to the multitude of devices within an environment can be complex. How can a team focus on digital transformation when they are manually applying Java patches? With HCL Launch 7.2 Java distribution management is easy and done server side from the Launch dashboard.

Real time status of connected devices allows you to quickly identify which updates or patches need to be applied. HCL Launch 7.2 allows unlimited Java packages to be uploaded and then applied across different devices and architectures in your environment.

HCL Launch

You can select specific agents to be installed by clicking into the agent and using the menu to the right of the row.

HCL Launch

Checking on the status of the installation and performing maintenance is done by selecting the Resources > Agents > Specific Agent, and toggling to the Maintenance tab. You can view your entire Java maintenance history here.

HCL Launch

The new Metadata page at the agent level allows you to see all the Java versions installed for that agent.

HCL Launch

Once your new Java version is installed on the UI, you can set the JAVA_HOME of the agent to the new Java home.

HCL Launch

After a quick restart of the agent, your new Java version will be up and running! That’s it. No need to remote into the target machine or write complex scripts to install a new Java version.

HCL Launch

Feel free to tackle to cleanup of older Java versions once your new Java version is installed using the “uninstall Java package” option.

If you choose not to use Launch for your Java update, you can still use the “Set Java Home” functionality to set the Java home for the agent. However, this location must be an absolute path accessible to the agent where Java is installed.

Java distribution management is a large task, so it’s important to do it efficiently for the optimization of your IT resources. As you recapture time typically spent managing Java, your team can focus on working towards digital transformation.

If you’d like to learn more about deploying anything, anywhere with HCL Launch 7.2, join us for our upcoming webinar: What’s New in HCL Launch 7.2

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