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Leaders in enterprise organizations have realized that their mission-critical legacy application development processes need to be modernized, just like their customer facing mobile and web applications. The true value of DevOps is realized when the entire organization is integrated into it, not when there are silos (mainframe dev and ops teams). Systems of record need to move at the same speed as the system of engagement. HCL Launch, our continuous delivery solution, and the BMC Compuware ISPW solution are two products that can help you get started with this transformation. Now, it’s easier than ever to use these two solutions together with the release of the ISPW plugin for HCL Launch.

HCL Launch’s Mantra is “Deploy Anything, Anywhere. From Mainframe to Microservices”. Launch allows users to deploy to all kinds of middleware using a drag and drop process designer, and incorporates repeatability, predictability, auditability, and traceability into your delivery pipeline. Launch also has a strong Mainframe deployment capability that can work with all the major SCM/build tools in Mainframe. Our product development team understands enterprise complexity in terms of the variety of platforms enterprises use, and we recognize the need for different tools for different utilities. That is why we have 300+ plugins that allow you to integrate HCL Launch with the development tools you’re already using (even direct competitors of HCLSoftware), and our plugin catalog keeps growing.

HCL Launch’s ISPW plugin helps you create deployment processes for single-click-deployment to non-mainframe, distributed platforms and to your already existing ISPW environments in Mainframe. We know today’s mainframe applications almost always have a web or mobile front-end, and this plugin solves the problem of providing an all-or-nothing deployment capability for these hybrid applications. Launch provides additional auditing, approvals, and integrations to other software like JIRA that can help to enhance the ISPW Mainframe deployment. With this plugin, product owners get visibility into what is getting deployed across the technology platforms from a single source – HCL Launch.

Click here to download the ISPW plugin for HCL Launch, and contact us at DevOpsInfo@hcl.com with any questions.


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