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Secure DevOps / August 7, 2020
Adding Security to Continuous Delivery
HCL Launch, together with AppScan on Cloud (ASoC), gives us the ability to automate control of our application security within our overall DevOps lifecycle, including automation, reporting, and release management.
Secure DevOps / August 4, 2020
Boost performance with agent relay caching in HCL Launch
HCL Launch is designed for the enterprise, of course, and provides features that help you grow while remaining performant.
Secure DevOps / July 30, 2020
How to Architect Continuous Delivery for the Enterprise
Find out what you should look for if you want to architect an enterprise-scalable continuous delivery solution.
Secure DevOps / July 24, 2020
Making upgrades easier in HCL Launch
HCL Launch is built with a lot of features to make sure your deployments run smoothly. One recent update improves the upgrade experience.
Secure DevOps / July 23, 2020
Get to know HCL Launch
HCL Launch is an enterprise-grade continuous delivery solution built to deploy anything, anywhere. Find out what sets HCL Launch apart.
Secure DevOps / July 22, 2020
External Approvals in HCL Launch
In HCL Launch, we added External Approvals, a generic template for any tools you might use to automatically validate your processes.

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