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Secure DevOps | November 6, 2020
More on Process as Code, new in HCL Launch 7.1.1
With the release of HCL Launch 7.1.1, our continuous delivery tool is even more developer and integration integration friendly because of a new feature called PACC - Process as Code Compiler.
Secure DevOps | October 28, 2020
Processes as Code in HCL Launch
One of the new features in HCL Launch is the new “Process as Code” format that allows development teams to define and store their processes in an easily modifiable format.
Secure DevOps | October 27, 2020
What’s new in HCL Launch
Our continuous delivery software, HCL Launch, has new features that make it easier than ever to deploy anything, anywhere. Find out what's new in HCL Launch 7.1.1.
Secure DevOps | September 29, 2020
HCL Launch – In Love with Snapshots
Learn how Snapshots from HCL Launch can make handling deployments easier than ever.
Secure DevOps | September 28, 2020
Mainframe Deployment Process with HCL Launch
Learn how to set up a simple mainframe deployment process design with HCL Launch and z/OS.
Secure DevOps | August 28, 2020
How HCL Launch enables enterprise-level DevOps
HCL Launch has the features needed for well-defined continuous deployments and strong release management practices for the enterprise.

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