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Technote (troubleshooting)Problem (Abstract)
The port number on which the WebSphere application server is listening is added to a request from Interact runtime admin page test client. This causes the requests from the test client to fail. The default port number for WebSphere running Interact v10 runtime for HTTP is 9080, for https is 9443. The addition of port 9080 /9443 to a friendly load balancer URL on port 80 causes problems for load balancers as it tries to redirect the request to the Interact application on a non-existing port for the friendly Interact URL.

Load Balancer URL

  • https://MyFriendlyURL/interact

Interact RunTime Cluster URLs mapped to the load balancer URL

  • https://interact1:9080/interact
  • https://interact2:9080/interact
  • https://interact3:9080/interact
  • https://interact4:9080/interact


Below is showing the result of a “get version” called by the test client after WebSphere adds the default port onto the Load Balancer URL. You see you get a connection refused error because there isn’t anything listening on port 9080 on the load balancer URL.
Resolving the problem
To address this issue, complete the following steps for each server in your Interact Runtime cluster.  

​From the administrative console:

1.       Click WebSphere Application Servers > server_name.
2.       Click Web Container Settings > Custom Properties.
3.       Add the following properties:
                    1.       Name: trusthostheaderport
Value: true

                    2.       Name: com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.extractHostHeaderPort
Value: true

After you complete the previous steps, restart the server or servers.

When you go to https://<MyLoadBalancerURL>/interact/jsp/admin.jsp  and you click server “get version” it will not redirect
you to the following URL https://<MyLoadBalancerURL>:9080/interact… and the application will work as designed.

Andre Floyd
HCL Marketing Software Architect

I have been working with the IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management suite of tools for about 7 years. Been with HCL since March 1, 2018
Been with IBM over 15 years. Originally started in the IBM Websphere group.
Marketing Platform, Campaign, Interact, Marketing Operations, Contact Optimization, and Opportunity Detect are trademarks of IBM Corporation, in at least one jurisdiction, and are used under license. 
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