It’s official, HCL Software is announcing HCL Traxiem to the DevSecOps community! Derived from IBM’s Rational ClearQuest, HCL Traxiem has been rejuvenated to rekindle and raise developer productivity. 

HCL Traxiem is the next degree of change management software for enterprise level scaling, process customization and control to accelerate project delivery and increase developer productivity. Flexibility through customization is a key capability that enables organizations to practice multimodal development. Multimodal development is the adoption of methodologies, processes and tools that best fit the project and the people on the team. HCL Traxiem improves team collaboration, scales from small to global enterprises, with full lifecycle traceability with effective communications of reporting status and gathering of insights.   

This new change management software is not only for managing product development process. It has been used as a general database application development tool by governments and insurance companies to manage processes that are unrelated to application development.  

Explore the possibilities HCL Traxiem can offer your organization by going to HCL Software and learning more about our product. 

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