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The realm of marketing is all around us. Everywhere we go messages from vendors and suppliers encourage us to spend more, try new products, improve our customer experience.​The days when marketing was limited to the mail you received from people you have transacted with are over. Nowadays the all-pervasive reach of the digital channels has taken over and we live in an always-on society.


For years the product(s) formerly known as Unica has been regarded by the analysts as providing the leading marketing solution for enterprises. More recently these products came to be known as IBM Marketing Software.
As you may or may not be familiar with IBM and HCL recently concluded an agreement on Intellectual Property and
licensing rights for the former Unica products.
The King is dead, long live the King!

The digital world not only provides the ability for always-on communications but it enables us, as marketers, access to an ever-increasing wealth of data about our products, our customers and our eco-systems. Most data analyst sources expect the digital data universe will double in size every two years so that the data available to you in 2020 will be 50 times larger than that in 2010. How do you expect to be able to make sense of all this complex data and then integrate with all the different, disparate Martech solutions that are out there in a single unified manner? The Marketing Suite (the set of products including Campaign, Interact, Optimization and Marketing Operations will address these questions and many more with our new product roadmap and Go to Market strategy.

Not only have we retained the system engineers in the product labs, but we are adding to them with both new talent and re-hiring many experienced developers from the past.

Our product labs are working on not only addressing, and accelerating the development of, the backlog of enhancement requests that you, our loyal customers, have requested but also on the creation of new and exciting product capabilities.

We are opening the suite of products up, making them more and more accessible to the wider Martech community, by providing a whole new series of RESTful APIs.

We are moving Unica to the cloud. We will provide the Marketing Suite on AWS and Azure and later Google enabling us to provide a full range of offerings from on-premise to hosted to ultimately a completely managed hosted environment.

We are committed to vastly simplifying the licensing model, making sure we have the flexibility for all models of deployment with a simple, scalable licensing solution that will enable Suite to be afforded and used by everyone.

It is quite simple. We want the Marketing Suite, formerly known and loved as Unica, to regain its eminent position in the marketplace and be regarded as the foremost marketing brain and marketing decisioning engine available!

We are proud of our strategy and vision and we hope you are, too.

​So, spread the word, The King is dead, long live the King!

Nick Combridge

      Nick Combridge
Senior Sales Director

      HCL Marketing Suite

Marketing Platform, Campaign, Interact, Marketing Operations, Contact Optimization, and Opportunity Detect are trademarks of IBM Corporation, in at least one jurisdiction, and are used under license. 
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